Sports, games & fun

Recreation & Games

A great way to be a part of the LR community is through our recreation and game clubs. Find a group that meets your interests and start having fun.

  • eSports

    The eSports team competes in multiple different games, against other collegiate teams. The student-led organization provides an environment for students to grow in their respective games, form a bond with other team members and coaches, as well as compete at a collegiate level. Due to the nature of the organization, members tend to grow or improve their communication, teamwork, problem-solving and develop great focus skills. The organization is a growing community and is welcome to students that want to improve themselves.

  • Equestrian Club

    As part of this club, you’ll participate in equestrian activities, including competitive riding.

  • Intramurals

    Stay involved in the sports you love or try a new one. Not only can you participate in fun events, but you will also meet others who share common interests.

  • Sugarbears Dance Team

    As part of LR’s Spirit Team, the Sugarbears perform at football and basketball games.

  • Video Game Club

    Dedicated to bringing campus gamers together for casual play, our club participates in local tournaments and national eSport competitions.