Supporting your academic interests

Academic Clubs & Groups

The best way to get to know your community is to get involved.

Academic clubs and groups provide you opportunities to enrich your college experience, make friends and apply and further develop your academic interests.

  • Athletic Training Club

    Our Athletic Training Club supports all things sports medicine, connects you to professional organizations and allows you meet students with similar interests.

  • Ballooning, Engineering, And Rocketry Club

    Get connected with other technology and engineering enthusiasts. As part of our club, you will collaborate to solve real-world problems, think critically and gain hands-on experience through various experiments and projects.

  • Honor Societies

    Our honor societies help you meet other academically impressive students and provide you with countless learning and leadership opportunities beyond the classroom.

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  • LR Association of Nursing Students

    Share your experiences with fellow nursing students and receive help and encouragement through our club. Our goal is to help you succeed while creating a community of compassionate healthcare providers.

  • Powell-Pasour Society

    Our club provides a welcoming environment for those with an interest in becoming a physician assistant. We remain educated on all matters related to the profession and provide guidance to the incoming physician PA classes. We also serve as liaison to other PA school communities in North Carolina and abroad.

  • Mauney Economics and Business Club

    One of the best ways to begin growing your professional network is by joining our Economics and Business Club—a group dedicated to creating awareness of fiscal issues and fostering the financial literacy of students.

  • National Association for Music Educators

    The group focuses on advancing music education by promoting the understanding and making of music by all.

  • Pre-Health Club

    Are you aspiring to enter the health field? Our club will link you to mentors who provide support and resources related to your major.

  • Student Occupational Therapy Association

    SOTA aims to increase campus and community awareness of the occupational therapy profession. As a member, you will experience leadership opportunities, networking, volunteer activities, social activities and more.

  • URSA Mathematica

    Our club promotes mathematical interest, enthusiasm and involvement in the Lenoir-Rhyne and Hickory community. Students recognize and celebrate the ubiquitous pretense and role of mathematics in modern society and the vocational opportunities to mathematics students.

Santiago Ambroggio

One thing I like here is that you get a lot of options. Since LR is a small school, you get a chance to be a part of everything. You can be part of many groups. Being engaged for me is a big deal.

Santiago Ambroggio '19, MBA '21