Develop your leadership skills

Student Governance & Leadership

There is no better way to develop leadership skills than to jump in and participate in a student club or group while you are a student. Our groups offer you the opportunity to represent, support and make decisions that impact LR and our broader communities.

  • Broyhill Leaders

    The Broyhill Institute for Business Leadership seeks to encourage a greater understanding of the workings of our economic system, the values of private enterprise and business leadership in a free society. As a Broyhill Leader, you will hone your leadership skills responsibly and ethically in order to make a positive difference in the world.

  • Campus Activities Board

    CAB provides you entertaining and educational programming, along with leadership opportunities. By joining this group, you will enhance and enrich your academic curriculum and discover a social outlet.

  • N.C. Student Legislature

    NCSL offers you a close-up, practical education in the political and legislative processes and provides a forum for expressing your ideas and opinions on current issues to state and national leaders.

  • Student-Athlete Advisory Council

    As a member of SAAC, you will offer input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect LR student-athletes.

  • Student Government Association

    The SGA is LR's largest student group and is made up of the entire student body. Members are elected to serve as SGA officers.