Seminary Scholarships

Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary scholarships support graduate students earning a degree in theology and ministry, and we are grateful to our generous donors who make these awards possible.

ELCA Fund for Leaders

The ELCA Fund for Leaders helps financially support students studying at ELCA seminaries who have demonstrated outstanding leadership potential and exceptional gifts for ministry.

Each year the ELCA offers two full-tuition scholarships and three half-tuition scholarships to LTSS students. The students who receive half-tuition scholarships also receive a matching half-tuition scholarship from LTSS.

Students are selected by the ELCA or by LTSS for these scholarships. The ELCA strives to empower and enable our leaders to serve as the church needs and the Holy Spirit.

View ELCA Fund for Leaders Application Instructions

LTSS Endowed Scholarships

LTSS Endowed Scholarships are made possible by the generosity of donors and friends of the seminary who are invested in encouraging and empowering future church leaders.

LTSS matches these scholarships with students to reduce the cost of seminary attendance as much as possible, which works to honor the donor's specific request. This generosity has led to the creation of more than 200 scholarships.

Seminary Scholarships - Synod

The ELCA believes firmly in providing financial support for its future leaders. We see this quite often at the Synod level, where students may find financial support in various forms. Seminarians are encouraged to discuss their enrollment with their home synod to determine if there may be available scholarship funds.

The Lutheran Church awards scholarships to students they think will grow to become productive members of society and the church.

Seminary Scholarships - Church

Please speak directly with your church or pastor to determine if there may be options available.

Tuition Discount Programs

The Alumni Advantage allows LR alumni to earn a master's degree at a discounted rate.

LR and LTSS are dedicated to helping local businesses build a more prepared workforce. Employers who become an LR Partners can offer their employees the opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree at LR at a discounted tuition rate.