LR Partners

The LR Partners program promotes partnerships with local businesses, agencies and school and government entities to provide their employees opportunities for graduate and adult undergraduate education at discounted rates based on the degree of participation by the specific affiliate.

The program is available to employees in partner companies or agencies who are accepted into a participating graduate or adult learner program.

To take advantage of the discount and set up an LR Partnership, contact Susy Chandler, associate director of community engagement, at or 828.407.4263. 

Program Overview

Graduate School Tuition Discounts
In the first year of the partnership, employees/members receive a 10% discount toward graduate school tuition. The discount is adjusted each year based on the total number of credit hours taken by the employees/members during the previous year.

  • 0-39 hours - 10% discount on all hours taken
  • 40-81 hours - 15% discount on all hours taken
  • More than 82 hours - 20% discount on all hours taken

Training Programs

  • LR¬†will provide participants with a 10% discount on all costs associated with a program during the first year.
  • After the first year, if one to nine employees/members participated in Lenoir-Rhyne Equity & Diversity Institute programming during the previous academic year, the discount will remain at 10%.
  • If between 10 and 19 employees/members participated, the discount will be 15%, and if more than 19 employees/members participate in a previous academic year, the discount for all incoming employees will be 20%.