LR Partners in Higher Education

Through the Lenoir-Rhyne Partners in Higher Education program, graduates from partner institutions will receive the following incentives for enrolling in participating graduate programs at LR.

  • A 10% tuition discount will be applied throughout the student’s entire academic program of study.
  • The student will not be charged application fees.
  • If qualified, the student will be exempt from standardizing testing requirements.

Partner Institution Agreement

Lenoir-Rhyne will partner in branding, marketing, and recruiting efforts when it serves to the advantage of both institutions. Lenoir-Rhyne will also receive access to interested students or alumni and opportunities to promote programs and recruit at partner institutions.

Contracts will be reviewed on an annual basis and continued unless otherwise terminated by notification. Either institution may terminate the contract at the end of any semester; however, any student currently enrolled and receiving the discount will continue to do so throughout their tenure as a Lenoir-Rhyne student.

These discounts may not be combined with any other Lenoir-Rhyne discount program. If other discounts exist, the student may select the one program that optimizes her/his discount. Lenoir-Rhyne reserves the right not to offer discounted credits in certain programs, which will be specified in the partnership agreements.

The LR Partners in Higher Ed program does not apply to the occupational therapy or physician assistant studies graduate programs.