Counseling Services

While you are in college you are continuing the developmental process of moving from adolescence into young adulthood. This can be a challenging and constantly changing time for you, and as a result, counseling services strive to provide quality mental health treatment and support to students in times of need.

All full- and part-time undergraduate students enrolled in the university are eligible for counseling services. Enrolled graduate students on all campuses are eligible for basic intake services; however, face-to-face counseling is somewhat limited due to travel to and from the different campuses.

Individual Therapy

Individual and couples counseling (as long as both individuals in the couple are current LR students) is available to all undergraduate and graduate students. Counseling center staff and graduate-level interns can work with students on a wide variety of issues. Counseling services are available on all campuses. In-person counseling services are available on the Hickory campus. Students from any campus can request in-person sessions (if they are willing to drive to Hickory) or telemental health from the Hickory campus counselors. Lenoir-Rhyne students receive 10 sessions per academic year at the Hickory campus counseling center.

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Crisis Intervention

Counselors, as well as other appropriate staff or community resources, assist students in times of crisis or other overwhelming emotional distress. If, during our regular office hours, you are in need, please call 828.328.7959 and someone will respond to you as quickly as possible.

If you are in crisis after hours, please contact your mobile crisis center:

  • Catawba County (Hickory Campus): 877.327.2593
  • RHA Mobile Crisis Management (Asheville Campus): 888.573.1006
  • SCDMH Mobile Crisis (Columbia Campus): 833.364.2274

TimelyCare Virtual Counseling Services

Lenoir-Rhyne students can now choose virtual on-demand and appointment-based counseling services in all 50 states — at no cost and without the hassle of traditional insurance. 

TimelyCare by TimelyMD offers LR students free 24/7 access to medical and mental health support and well-being resources. Students receive twelve free scheduled counseling visits via Timelycare, but also have unlimited access to TalkNow (a 20-25 minute conversation to help with immediate concerns).

TimelyCare serves as a 24/7 virtual extension of campus health and counseling center resources, with a goal of improving student well-being, engagement and retention. TimelyCare complements the services available from Lenoir-Rhyne Counseling and Wellness on the Hickory campus.

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The Counseling Group

The Counseling Group, located in Hickory and within walking distance of the campus, offers in-person and telehealth options for students on the Hickory, Asheville and Columbia campuses. LR students can receive ten free sessions.

For more information on this collaboration, please contact Pastor Todd Cutter at

Referral Services

Students who require additional support or specialized help will be referred to local resources. The Hickory campus Counseling Center has information for mental health providers in the Hickory, Asheville and Columbia locations. Off-campus treatment costs are the responsibility of the student.


Counseling often involves the disclosure of personal information. State laws and professional ethical codes dictate that the information discussed during the counseling session will be strictly confidential if you are 18 years of age or older. The counseling records are not kept as part of your academic or administrative records.

Furthermore, the fact that you have used our services, and the information that you share in counseling will not be disclosed to university officials, faculty, staff, parents, outside agencies or anyone else without your written permission.

Counseling Services Staff

Ashley Clack, M.A., NCLCMHCA 
Mental Health Therapist