Inclusion Champions 

Inclusion Champions are a group of students, faculty and staff who gather and assist in reducing or removing the bias and discrimination that individuals face regarding their skin color, customs, language, etc. The group also spreads awareness about the issues related to diversity and inclusion to promote equality throughout the Lenoir-Rhyne campus.

2023-2024 Initiatives

  • Assist and support with residence life move-in.
  • Reform and provide equitable socio-economic resources to all students. 
  • Become an Inclusion Champion

    A Lenoir-Rhyne, any individual who is motivated to promote equity, is aware of different cultures, is free from racial stereotypes and does not allow any unconscious bias to affect their involvement and views can be a good fit for the role of an Inclusion Champion.  

    Inclusion Champions brings growth and development to the organization and the group. The role promotes a culture of acceptance and respect, which fosters the success of Lenoir-Rhyne. To make an organization where everyone respects each other and builds upon each other’s views, it’s important to have an Inclusion Champion. 

  • Inclusion Champion Pledge 

    As a Lenoir-Rhyne Inclusion Champion, individuals recognize that they are embarking on a special role, committed to actively furthering our inclusive values and diverse culture at our institution.  

    Each member pledges to advocate for an inclusive culture by modeling four inclusion behaviors for my fellows: 

    • Initiating by being curious about those who are different from themselves. 
    • Invest by looking for common ground and making others feel welcome. 
    • Inspire by stepping in and speaking up when they see exclusion occurring.  
    • Influence by challenging stereotypes and focusing on fairness in decision-making. 

    By pledging to live Lenoir-Rhyne's inclusive behaviors and values, as well as actively partnering with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team, they will ensure Lenoir-Rhyne is a great place to study, work, and live for all of its people. 

    Key Responsibilities of an Inclusion Champion: 

    • Encourages best practices in the organization where every individual feels equal and important. 
    • Facilitate conventions around Diversity and Inclusion. 
    • Creates a good relationship among community members by telling the importance of diverse culture. 
    • Helps in making anti-discriminatory policies for the organization. 
    • Engages in activities where equality is promoted to raise awareness among them. 
    • Helps the person who suffers from discriminatory behavior. 
    • Encourages collaboration among peers to make Lenoir-Rhyne University more cohesive. 
    • Organizes events where diversity can be celebrated. 
  • 2023-2024 Members
    • Avery Staley
    • Terry Phillips
    • Jesse Ausec
    • Dawn Behren
    • Meghan Blackburn
    • Laci Branch
    • Eric Brandon
    • Teena Brooks
    • Darliree Brumfield
    • Normandy Bryant
    • Katrina DeVore
    • Kiera Elliott
    • Carla Fallas
    • Devon Fisher
    • Michael Flicker
    • Erica Freeman
    • Asia George (student)
    • Jennifer Heller
    • Shana Hewitt
    • Amanda Hilton
    • Lesly James
    • Jireh James
    • Walter Kennedy
    • Judy Lineberger
    • Zionna Loman
    • Mindy Makant
    • Ashley Mangandid
    • Michael McGee
    • Janet Mckee
    • Kellie Medley
    • Christopher Nigrelli
    • Devin Osborne (student)
    • Kimberly Owens
    • Reyna Peoples
    • Megan Pham
    • Sherry Proctor
    • Revonda Propst Reed
    • Sethan Reed
    • Nick Robinson
    • Alexis Romero (student)
    • Mckenzie Shoe (student)
    • JaiKalee Smith
    • Stephanie Stadden
    • Alyssa Stewart
    • Benjamin Still
    • Shameika Stokes
    • Gabriela Tessari
    • Courtney Thompson-Ballard
    • Debbie Tonnesen
    • Grace Turner
    • Jeff Valbusch 
    • Marlesia Walker (student)
    • Christopher Wilson (student)
    • Katie Wohlman
    • Kayce Yapundich