Graduate School Cost of Attendance

At Lenoir-Rhyne, we know that cost is a determining factor in obtaining your master’s degree.

If you estimate your cost of attendance, this provides a more realistic view of preparing for your graduate degree.

The Graduate School offers individual meetings with a financial aid counselor who can help you with the estimated cost of each term based on the number of classes and the length of the program and the overall cost.

Graduate Programs

The fee amounts noted below are for tuition only and do not include fees, books, supplies or personal expenses. There is a Graduate School fee of $300 for each term you are enrolled as a student.

You can find a breakdown of estimated costs of program fees (if any), books and other materials on the website for each program.

The cost for most graduate programs is $690/credit hour unless otherwise indicated below. 

  • Business Administration, MBA
    $690/credit hour; total tuition: $24,840
  • Christian Ministry, MACM
    $690/credit hour; total tuition: $33,810
  • Counseling, M.A.
    $690/credit hour; total tuition: $42,090
  • Creative Writing, MFA
    $690/credit hour; total tuition: $31,050
  • Dietetic Internship
    $690/credit hour; total tuition: $12,420
  • Divinity, M.Div.
    $690/credit hour; total tuition: $57,960
  • Exercise Science, M.S.
    $550/credit hour; total tuition: $18,150
  • Human Services, M.A.
    $550/credit hour; total tuition: $18,150
  • Leadership, M.A.
    $690/credit hour; total tuition: $22,770
  • Nutrition, M.S
    $690/credit hour; total tuition: $24,150
  • Nursing Practice, FNP/DNP
    $690/credit hour for 500-level courses
    $970/credit hour for 600-level courses
  • Occupational Therapy, M.S.
    $970/credit hour; total tuition: $61,110
  • Public Health, MPH
    $690/credit hour; total tuition: $28,980
  • Public Health (MPH) / Business Administration (MBA) - MPH-MBA Dual-Degree
    $690/credit hour; total tuition: $39,330
  • Physician Assistant Studies
    $15,000/semester (program starts in fall 2024)
  • Sustainability Studies, M.S.
    $550/credit hour; total tuition: $18,150
  • Teaching, MAT
    $550/credit hour; total tuition: $18,700
  • Theological Studies, MTS
    $690/credit hour; total tuition: $33,120
  • Estimated Total Cost of Attendance - Graduate School

    In compliance with the Department of Education, indirect costs, including books, transportation and miscellaneous expenses are added to tuition, fees, food and housing to determine Lenoir-Rhyne’s official total cost of attendance. The average cost of attendance for MBA and M.A. graduate programs for 2023-24 is $26,090. The average cost of attendance for M.S./DNP graduate programs for 2023-24 is $40,860.

    Total actual costs per student may vary depending on program type and food and housing selections. Aggregate financial aid may not exceed the student’s calculated cost of attendance.

    Federal regulations allow limited exceptions or adjustments to information reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Such exceptions or adjustments, known as Special Circumstances or Professional Judgment, are considered on a case-by-case basis based on supporting documentation of your circumstances.

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