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Living Well Center for Vocation & Purpose

The Living Well Center for Vocation and Purpose strives to engage students, faculty, and staff in the ongoing discernment of vocation and purpose. This, of course, includes but also goes far beyond the search for the right career path. Vocation is a call to a life of meaning and purpose, which is expressive of a person’s talents and passions, and characterized by continual self-reflection, service to others, and broad-based study and experiences.

Vocation is more than one’s personal or professional goals. It gives purpose to one’s future and makes meaning of one’s past. Vocation is built upon core values but also upon relationships both in and to the world. Frederick Buechner defines vocation as “the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep needs.” The search for one’s vocation is the search for a life that is fulfilling and makes the world a better place.

The Living Well Center is located in Rudisill Library - Rooms 227 & 228.

Lives Worth Living Speaker Series

The Living Well Center for Vocation and Purpose hosts an annual speaker series: Lives Worth Living. Speakers – including theologians, bishops, artists, and advocates for justice – will share their own vocational stories and will encourage participants to think in new ways about what makes one’s own life meaningful and purpose-filled.

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Dr. Mindy Makant

Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Director, Living Well Center
Hickory Campus