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Grievance Policy & Procedures

Office of the Dean of Student Life

Lenoir-Rhyne University (LRU) takes seriously the concerns and grievances of its students. LRU will provide a prompt response to all written complaints, including those complaints alleging discrimination or harassment based on race, age, religion, physical or emotional disability, or sex (which includes gender discrimination, sexual orientation, sexual misconduct). NOTE: If the complaint alleges sexual misconduct (including but not limited to sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, stalking, sexual assault, rape, and/or intimate Partner Abuse), the complainant should immediately refer to LRU’s policies on Sexual Misconduct. In such cases, the University is mandated to report allegations under the Clery Act.

LRU will work to resolve student grievances as quickly as possible; however, the time period for resolution will depend largely on the nature of the grievance and the response required. It is the goal of LRU that written grievances will be resolved within a period not to exceed 60 days; however, the time period for resolving grievances will depend largely on the facts and circumstances at issue and may be expanded where necessary and appropriate to reach a resolution.

LRU defines a Grievance as any claim raised by a student (Complainant) alleging violations of LRU's policies or procedures, including but not limited to improper, inappropriate, arbitrary, discriminatory, harassing or violent conduct by a faculty member, staff member, student or any other individual present on campus (Respondent).

If you would like to request the Student Grievance Form, please email Becky Sharpe or download the form.

LRU's Grievance Policy is not intended to replace those policies and procedures pertaining to grade appeals or academic integrity violations. For more information on academic integrity policies and procedures, please refer to The Cub or the University Catalog. All such matters will be handled in accordance with those policies and procedures.