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#SeniorSalute #IGive2LRU

GOAL: 50% class participation or 140 student donations by May 10, 2018.

Seniors, leave your mark and create a legacy.

The Class of 2018 is fortunate to be a part of history by re-launching the senior class gift. There has not been a senior class gift in years and you are bringing it back! The #SeniorSalute campaign is your opportunity to show your gratitude for the faculty and staff, peers, and experiences that made your time at Lenoir-Rhyne memorable.

Crunching Numbers
Approximately 92% of your class has received some type of scholarship or financial aid during their time at Lenoir-Rhyne. There is a good chance you are one of those students. Now, it is your turn to invest in another Bear.

Help LR "Make the Grade"
Participation of alumni via giving is something that Lenoir-Rhyne is “graded” on. Your gift of any amount tells the world you think a lot of your institution and they should too! Make a gift today and provide a life changing education for a future Bear.

Make a gift of $10 or more by April 12 and receive a special LR Class of 2018 t-shirt.