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LTSS New Life Fund

New Life Fund Goal: $350,000

In the 2017-2018 year we thank the alumni, friends, supporters, and benefactors of the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary for their many forms of support and encouragement. In addition, we always covet your prayers for the seminary itself and especially for our seminarians.

It is our expressed intent to meet the New Life Fund goal of $350,000. These funds are so necessary for LTSS’ day-to-day operation, and every gift, regardless of its size, is gratefully received. When each and every person who believes in the future of LTSS makes a gift, the challenge is made more manageable.

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The Rev. Dr. Robert Allen

The Rev. Dr. Robert Allen

Executive Director of Development for Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary
Hickory Campus, Columbia Campus, Asheville Campus, LTSS Campus