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Exchange Students

Studying in the U.S. will provide you with invaluable academic and personal growth and open up career opportunities after graduation.

As an exchange student, the William and Robert Shuford Center for International Education is here to assist you and we are passionate about helping you feel at home at Lenoir-Rhyne. We have compiled helpful information to help you before you arrive on campus and support you during your time at the university.

J Visa Holder Information

  • Immigration Requirements - Learn what forms you need for your visa, what to expect from the U.S. embassy or consulate and more.
  • Preparing for Your Move to LR - Be sure you have completed the proper forms and immunizations before you leave your home country.
  • Life at LR - Learn what to expect once you arrive at the university campus.
  • Maintaining Status - Understand what requirements you must meet to maintain your immigration status.
  • Filing Taxes - Find helpful information on filing your U.S. taxes.
  • Travel - Interested in traveling the U.S. and other countries while studying at LR? Find out which forms are required prior to your departure.
Santiago Ambroggio

LR provides incredible opportunities and support to international students. It may be a small school in size, but it has remarkable academic and non-academic opportunities for you.

Santiago Ambroggio '19, MBA '21
International students enjoying a cookout and movie under the stars.

Some international students weren't able to go home when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and some found it safer to remain at LR. They made a community and family in the midst of the pandemic having meals together, going on excursions and more.

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Six members of the grant writing team for the Noyce scholarship program stand in the George Hall lobby

Awarded through the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program, the funds will diversify STEM education by providing scholarships for Master of Arts in teaching students specializing in STEM subjects.

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