Student Success & Academic Support

Whether it's academic or personal, LR offers advising and academic support resources and services that will set you up for success.

All undergraduate and graduate students should take advantage of available academic advising, tutoring and coaching opportunities. You may think that you should only get help when you’re struggling, but we want you to know that's not the case.

You can choose from a variety of services designed to support your academic success. Support services include academic coaching sessions with professional staff, individual and/or group tutoring options with peer tutors who are trained and qualified to assist you and individualized assistance on a variety of topics that are essential for academic success.

  • Academic Advising
    Academic advising centers on the creation of an educational plan that reflects your own unique interests, abilities, goals and values. This plan includes both the coursework required for your degree and learning opportunities and experiences beyond the classroom, including co-curricular activities, study abroad and internships. We provide general advising services to all first-year and new transfer students as well as academic coaching and support to any student in need.
  • Academic Coaching
    One-on-one academic coaching for students who need consistent, targeted academic support. Appointments usually last 30-60 minutes and focus on topics such as learning and study strategies, time management, organization, and goal setting. Working together with a coach, you both work to create and put in place more effective strategies than are the norm. The aim is to heighten awareness of what it takes to achieve academic success and anchor this with new strategies, a supportive relationship and personal accountability. There are no additional costs associated with these services. For an appointment, email us at
  • Individual Tutoring
    One-on-one tutoring assistance with a trained peer who has successfully completed the course and received professor recommendation.
  • Small Group Tutoring
    Tutoring assistance in a small group setting facilitated by a trained peer who have successfully completed the course and received professor recommendation.
William Stewart

As a transfer student, the counselors and professors have worked with me to decide what I wanted to major in and draw out a detailed map to help me reach that goal of getting a bachelor’s degree.

William Stewart '23, Finance

Academic Support Services

The Lohr Learning Commons, located on the second floor of the Carl A. Rudisill Library, draws together a suite of academic services, learning and computer labs, co-curricular programs and enrichment opportunities that support and enhance the educational pursuits of students.

  • Writing Center

    The Writing Center puts you in touch with caring, supportive readers for your work in progress. Whether you’re just starting to work on an assignment or you’re ready to edit, our tutors can help you see your project from a reader’s perspective. 

    View Writing Center
  • Speech Lab

    The Speech Lab provides you with tutoring and resources related to public speaking. If you are preparing for an individual or group presentation on any topic and for any class at LR, you are encouraged to take advantage of our services.

    Peer tutors are available to help with topics, thesis statements, organization, visual aids, vocal/physical delivery and speech anxiety. Our tutors are ready to assist with online presentations as well.

    View Speech Lab
  • Mathematics & Computer Sciences Tutoring Center

    If you're looking for help with your mathematics and computer science courses, our undergraduate tutors can help. They can assist you with first- and second-year math and computer science courses as well as many upper-division classes.

    Plus, our center has reference materials, solutions manuals and software.

    View Mathematics & Computing Sciences Tutoring Center
  • Disability Services

    The Office of Disability Services provides support services and resources to students with a disability through appropriate accommodation of university policies, practices and procedures. We work to ensure that every student with a disability has an equal opportunity to benefit from university programs.

    We also serve as a campus and community resource for information about people with disabilities and the issues that affect them.

    View Disability Services
  • Living Well Center for Vocation & Purpose

    The Living Well Center helps you identify your talents and passions so that you can use them to live a life of meaning and purpose and make the world a better place.

    If you'd like to learn more or get started, come visit us.

    View the Living Well Center

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The Disability Services Office works with students to address various needs such as providing help with note taking, books on tape or e-text, alternate testing arrangements, assistive technology and more.

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As local positive COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations rise, the mask mandate on campus has been extended until further notice.

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