Academic Support Services

Our academic support services are here to help you maximize your potential and reach your academic goals.

  • Academic Coaching and Tutoring
    Academic Coaching and Tutoring provides one-on-one meetings with a trained peer coach for undergraduate students who need consistent, targeted academic support. Appointments usually last 30-60 minutes and focus on topics such as learning and study strategies, time management, organization, and goal setting. Assistance for a specific course (typically 100-200 level) from a peer who has been recommended by a faculty member and successfully completed a tutor training course. 
  • Writing and Speaking Services
    Writing and Speaking Services puts you in touch with caring, supportive readers/listeners for your work in progress. Whether you’re just starting to work on an assignment or you’re ready to edit, our tutors can help you see your project from your audience’s perspective.

    We have resources and tutors for writing and public speaking assignments in any course at LR. We can help you with any aspect of your project: developing a thesis or support; organizing; editing; creating visual aids; vocal/physical delivery; and speech anxiety. Our tutors are ready to assist with online presentations as well.
  • Mathematics & Computer Sciences Tutoring
    The Mathematics & Computer Sciences Tutoring provides tutoring help with your mathematics and computer science courses. Our undergraduate tutors can assist you with first- and second-year math and computer science courses as well as many upper-division classes. Plus, our center has reference materials, solutions manuals and software.

Additional Support Services

  • Disability Services
    Disability Services provides support services and resources to students with a disability through appropriate accommodation of university policies, practices and procedures. We work to ensure that every student with a disability has an equal opportunity to benefit from university programs. We also serve as a campus and community resource for information about people with disabilities and the issues that affect them.
  • Living Well Center for Vocation & Purpose
    The Living Well Center for Vocation & Purpose helps you identify your talents and passions so that you can use them to live a life of meaning and purpose and make the world a better place. If you'd like to learn more or get started, come visit us.