Invested in Student Success

Transformative Future

Create new revenue streams and strong financial modeling to ensure sustainability that will facilitate enhancing our investment in students, employees and programs.


Our focus will diversify enrollment pipelines and cultivate new strategic partnerships that will ensure a dynamic and vibrant future.

  • Partner of Choice
    Central Contact for External Relations

    Establish a one-stop shop to manage community partnerships.

    Year 1 Highlights

    • The team has begun reviewing best practices and meeting with external partners to gauge a better understanding of our community needs and desires
    Intentional Regional Relationships

    Develop a strategy for enhancing and expanding strategic partnerships.

    Year 1 Highlights

    • Conducted an audit of institutional partners and have gathered information on how to strengthen and grow these partnerships. The information was presented to the central contact for External Relations initiatives.
    Destination of Community College Transfer Students
  • New Revenue Stream
    Improve Energy Efficiencies

    Optimize campus resources by maximizing internal operations, enhancing energy conservation and improving resource management throughout the university.

    Year 1 Highlights

    • All internal lighting is being transitioned to LED
    • An audit of campus resources is being conducted to ensure best practices
    Develop New Academic Programs

    Identify and establish new academic programs based on regional needs, enrollment and revenue growth potential, and institutional fit.

    Year 1 Highlights

    • Reviewed the existing procedure for proposing new academic programs
    • In the process of developing a proposal to revise the new program proposal and vetting process
    • Reviewing proposals for new academic programs that have been put forward but not acted on; any further action on these would go through regular faculty committees
  • Leverage Fiscal Health
    Establishing New Pipelines

    Develop new pipelines using the Credo model to recruit, enroll and retain students.

    Year 1 Highlights

    • Two new programs, Olympic weightlifting and triathlon, will begin fall 2020

    Year 2 Highlights

    • Athletics has added new sports and club sports, including junior varsity programs, to help recruit new students.
    • Through new articulation agreements the institution is better able to meet the demands of the transfer population.
    Highlight Geographical Advantages

    Intentionally market our geographic location and natural assets.

    Year 1 Highlights

    • Completed an audit and report, presented to marketing and the central contact for external relations team

    Year 2 Highlights

    Review External Contracts
    Grow Unrestricted Endowment

  • Diversified & Dynamic Enrollment
    Diversified Undergraduate Recruitment

    Develop and implement a plan for enrolling students from the following markets: international, out of state, Lutheran congregations, private schools and community colleges.

    Year 1 Highlights

    • Credo, an external agency, assessed and provided recommendations for Undergraduate Admission to consider; all feasible recommendations for improvement have been implemented
    • Evaluated enrollment processes, including communication and events, to best suit Generation Z prospective students and important stakeholders
      • A fly-in program for school counselors will assist in developing and strengthening relationships with this important population
      • Slate, an enrollment-specific customer relationship management (CRM) system, will allow admission to better analyze and utilize specific data points within the recruitment and enrollment process
    Increase Graduate Enrollment

    Develop the infrastructure to support growth in graduate programs targeting existing programs that are under capacity and new programs with strong potential.

    Year 1 Highlight

    • Developed a new recruitment plan that follows industry best practices and engages with new markets
    • Developed a new communication and marketing plan to strengthen relationships with prospective students

    Team Members: Amy Wood (chair), Molly Duggan, Janelle Robinson

    Grow LTSS

    Develop new strategies and cultivate new markets for LTSS enrollment growth.

    Year 1 Highlights

    • Instituted an overhaul of the enrollment process from how we review applications, process aid, support enrolled students and collaborate with other entities external to the university
    • Increased marketing and event presence to upgrade and include a stronger web presence, social media engagement, travel opportunities and branded swag

    Team Members: Jennifer Shimota (chair), Mary Hinkle Shore

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