Pregnant & Parenting

Title IX prohibits discrimination against a student based on pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy or recovery from any of these conditions.

Lenoir-Rhynes  Sex/Gender Non-Discrimination & Anti-Retaliation Policy prohibits all forms of discrimination and harassment based on sex, including pregnancy. Lenoir-Rhyne has various resources on and off campus to support pregnant and parenting students.

Students who are pregnant or otherwise planning for early months of parenting are encouraged to contact LR’s Title IX Coordinator to discuss plans for any anticipated leave of absence, as well as reentry into their academic program. Consultation is also available to faculty and staff with questions about appropriately supporting pregnant and parenting students.

Leah Reynolds, Ed.D., Title IX Coordinator;

Pregnant and Parenting Accommodation Form

On-Campus Resources

  • Lactation Stations

    Hickory Campus
    Lineberger Room 105

    Asheville Campus
    Rooms 320 and 322

  • Changing Stations

    Belk Centrum
    Gender-neutral restroom in Belk Centrum corridor

    Carl A. Rudisill Library
    Men's and women's restrooms on the main floor

    Cromer Center
    Men's and women's restrooms on the main level past the cafeteria

    Grace Chapel
    Restrooms in the narthex before you enter the sanctuary

    Lineberger Administration
    Gender-neutral restroom on the first floor

    Mauney Music Building
    Men's and women's restrooms on the main floor

    P.E. Monroe
    All restrooms

    Shuford Arena
    Men's and women's restrooms in the lobby


Resources for Faculty and Staff to support pregnant and parenting students

  • Be flexible. Pregnant and parenting students may need flexibility around coursework deadlines, remote instruction attendance, in-person attendance and mandatory testing or project completion requirements.
  • Include information on your syllabus that welcomes pregnant and parenting students to contact you if they need assistance.
  • Consider carefully how your current course policies may make things more difficult for pregnant or parenting students. Recognize that harsh rules such as attendance will not apply to pregnant students.
  • Encourage pregnant and parenting students to access campus resources to help them succeed academically.
  • Promote family-friendly events and programs and encourage student parents to participate in these activities with their families.
  • Stay educated about the needs of pregnant and parenting students. If you’re unsure what to do, contact the Title IX Office.

Pregnancy Accommodation Request Process

Pregnant and parenting students are afforded protections and accommodations under Title IX. It is essential to understand that the success of pregnant and parenting students must entail a collaborative and communicative approach. The following process has been established to ensure the success of all pregnant and parenting students.

  • Students
    • Complete the Pregnant and Parenting Accommodation form on the Title IX page.
    • The Title IX Coordinator will contact you to discuss your request and provide you with your resources and options.
    • The Title IX Coordinator will approve the request and send the request forward to the Director of Disability Services.
    • The Director of Disability Services will communicate to the appropriate individual in writing the specific accommodations granted and copy the Title IX Coordinator.
    • The Title IX Coordinator will document the accommodation and follow up periodically with the student throughout the accommodation.
    • Stay in communication with your faculty, coaches, supervisors, etc., when absent.
    • Work with your faculty, coaches, supervisors, etc., to make up for missed work or collect missed information.
  • Faculty, Staff and Administrators
    • When a pregnant or parenting student has followed the proper process for approved accommodations, you will be notified in writing by the Director of Disability Services
    • Follow the approved accommodations for the student.
    • Communicate with students and check in when appropriate and necessary.
    • If you are not receiving a response from a pregnant or parenting student, contact the Title IX Coordinator