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LR’s Studio Art major provides students with an in-depth study of aesthetic principles, art history, and hands-on studio experiences in drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, and printmaking. The program prepares graduates both for professional careers in the arts and graduate programs in fine arts. The combination of an intensive emphasis in the liberal arts with studio arts proficiencies and practical experiences helps students investigate and integrate their knowledge and perspectives in today's technologically changing world, and it furnishes them the background needed for a career in the arts. It is designed around a strong theoretical, historical, and philosophical framework to develop a heightened awareness of art in general.

As a studio art major, students will have the chance to release their creativity through many mediums – one may enter school as a painter and fall in love with printmaking, for example. Or start out sculpting in clay but discover that wood is their true love. Students will learn skills and techniques that will help them work more efficiently, consistently, and creatively. LR’s Studio Art program offers one-on-one instruction with excellent faculty who are professionals in their field. Our instructors exhibit their works regionally, nationally, and internationally. With their student peers, they will practice the art of critique. And in art history classes, they will learn from great masters-- both new and old. This extensive and rigorous program will help students refine their skills as professional artists.


By its very nature as a discipline, the study of Art requires continual integration of and exchange between the traditional classroom and application of one’s craft. Learning in the Art program spills over beyond the classroom. At LR, Art students have the opportunity to showcase their work in a variety of different venues. Art shows are set up periodically throughout the school year where students have the opportunity to submit and show their work—on campus and at local art galleries (such as the Hickory Museum of Art). The Art program is located in dedicated facilities that provide space for traditional classroom lectures, for ceramics and sculpture studios with wheels and kilns, painting studios, a darkroom for photography, presses for printmaking, and a computer lab for graphic design. Internships are available for students as part of the program curriculum, and many opportunities exist for students to hone their abilities beyond campus.


Many careers benefit from the close observational and critical skills essential to the Art discipline. Equally valuable is the creativity that the Art graduate brings to her/his professional circumstances, in whatever career path is chosen. More specifically, Art majors are excellent preparation for professions such as art education, museum management and historical conservation, fashion design, graphic design, interior design, marketing and public relations, photojournalism and film making, or art therapy, to name a few options.


The Art Program offers a BA degree with a major in studio art. Additionally, students may major in Graphic Design, or minor in Visual Arts or in Photography.


Studio Art Major Requirements


Program Contact

Claire Pope

Assistant Professor, Art, Coordinator, Art Program
Hickory Campus