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The Pre-Medical Science major furnishes LR students an understanding of selected areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics most specifically related to career preparation in some medical fields (including M.D. – Doctor of Medicine or D.O. – Doctor of Osteopathy). This major is designed to guide the student through the optimal coursework required for the majority of medical schools. It is not however necessary to choose this major to be eligible for medical school. In fact, most medical school students are initially graduates with the degree Bachelor of Science in Biology or Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. This major also meets the undergraduate course requirements of most dental, veterinarian and other health profession schools.

PLEASE NOTE: The Pre-Medical Science major is not the same as the Medical Studies major that prepares a student for the Physician Assistant Program.




In addition to extensive laboratory experience through all of the biology courses, there are many opportunities for Pre-Medical Science students to learn and develop skills outside of the classroom. Majors are required to complete an independent research project - performing all aspects of scientific discovery from data collection and observation to experimentation and evaluation – and present their findings to faculty and peers.

Students may choose to participate in an internship available through area hospitals, laboratories, physician and dental offices, veterinarian clinics, as well as science centers. Work study opportunities are also available on campus, through which students can gain valuable experience serving as lab and/or faculty assistants.

The School of Natural Science hosts the Steelman Lecture Series through which renowned scientists and scientific writers are invited to speak to the campus and surrounding community. Career and graduates school nights are also held annually. These events feature former students and respected professionals in the field who speak with current students, offering information and guidance about various career options


The Pre-Medical Science major is a relatively narrow program designed for specific preparation for a number of medical-related fields, most specifically, careers such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Ophthalmology, and Physical Therapy.


The Pre-Medical Science major earns a BS degree.

Pre-Medical Science Major Requirements


Program Contact

Dr. Judy Moore

Associate Professor of Biology
Hickory Campus