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Charles M. Snipes School of Business


The Marketing major at Lenoir-Rhyne University equips students with a strong comprehension of business marketing and the skills needed to perform the critical functions associated with directing the flow of products and services from the producer to the consumer. Study focuses on the preparation, production, pricing, promotion, and placement of want-satisfying goods and services in the hands of consumers in a dynamic and changing environment. The program combines courses from all the functional areas of business for ensure the development of sound and effective decision makers.

The major in marketing provides undergraduate students with the background and skills necessary to apply expertise to the following areas: what new products should a firm introduce; how should products be priced; how does one identify the best channels of distribution; and how do we best promote new and existing products?

Qualified Marketing students interested in continuing their Business education through graduate study can easily matriculate into Lenoir-Rhyne’s Master of Business Administration program. Through LR’s innovative Bridges to Dreams and Alumni Advantage programs, students who complete their undergraduate degrees at Lenoir-Rhyne University are able to complete their graduate degrees in shorter time and at significantly less expense (up to nearly half off the standard MBA degree at LR).





Students studying marketing have a number of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom through internships with local and regional businesses, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Working alongside experienced leaders and professionals, students can gain firsthand experience in a wide range of marketing activities. Through these out-of-class opportunities, students have used internships to develop skills in sales, research, pricing, customer service, social media, product promotion, and business development. Marketing majors have access to the many out-of-class opportunities in Business, including conference attendance, student organizations, study abroad, alumni mentoring, and community outreach and research (working within a course or independently with a faculty mentor).


Students majoring in marketing can pursue careers in retailing, sales management, marketing research, advertising and promotion, consumer product marketing, sports marketing or industrial marketing. Graduates from the program are also well-prepared for postgraduate studies in all areas of business--it provides excellent preparation for more advanced graduate work or other certificate and/or licensure programs.


Students may complete a major in Marketing with a BA degree. Additionally, students may double major (with faculty advisor approval) within most programs in the Charles M. Snipes School of Business by completing an additional 15 credit hours or more beyond the requirements for the first major. The double major furnishes students exceptional preparation for business professions.

Marketing Major Requirements

Program Contact

Dr. Tom Turner

Assistant Professor, Business
Hickory Campus