Working with the Media

The news media provide an important communication channel for the communities surrounding Lenoir-Rhyne University campuses in the region, state and nation. Public understanding and support of Lenoir-Rhyne University programs can be enhanced through strong working relationships with the media and the provision of information in a cooperative, coordinated fashion.

This policy pertains only to matters related to the university or that would affect the university. Also, persons employed by the university should be clear that they are not representing the university when stating personal opinions.

LR’s media policy and practices are based on a commitment to supplying information to which the media have a just and reasonable claim. Policies and practices take into account LR’s status as a private higher education institution and federal laws governing the release of information. With that in mind, there may be limitations to protect the rights of students, faculty and staff.

Media Contact Protocol

It is expected that direct contact between the university and the media will be initiated by or through the Office of Marketing and Communications. This fosters media confidence in the institution and ensures that the university speaks with “one voice,” especially on sensitive issues.

If you receive an email or call from the news media, please contact Doug Minor, associate vice president for marketing communications, at or 828.328-7109 for assistance. 

  • Members of the media must have prior approval from a Marketing and Communications staff member before visiting a Lenoir-Rhyne University campus location in Hickory, Asheville and Columbia. In most instances, a Marketing and Communications staff member will accompany members of the media during your time on a Lenoir-Rhyne campus.
  • Marketing and Communications staff are available to assist media with contacting members of the university community and scheduling interviews.
  • Student contact information will not be released by the university without permission of the student. In most cases, Marketing and Communications staff will connect students with the media.
  • Occasionally, there will be a need for media to contact a member of the administration, faculty or staff at home after regular business hours. The Marketing and Communications staff will handle these requests with appropriate sensitivity.
  • If an individual is uncertain as to how much information should be provided to the media, it is appropriate to redirect the inquiry to the next administrative level or to Marketing and Communications staff.
  • All media requests for internal documentation should be directed to Marketing and Communications staff. 
  • The Marketing and Communications Office is part of the university’s Crisis Management Leadership Team and is responsible for working with Public Safety, Facilities and Campus Services, and other offices to assess the situation and prepare the university response(s). Marketing and Communications coordinates the release of all information to the media and other internal and external constituents in the event of a crisis or major emergency situation.