Brand Style Guide

The Lenoir-Rhyne University Brand

The Lenoir-Rhyne brand is the summation of our values, mission and vision. It is a representation of our commitment to liberate mind and spirit, clarify personal faith, foster physical wholeness, build a sense of community, and promote responsible leadership for service in the world. The LR brand is much more than a logo, it is a visual summation of who we are. 

The following assets are to only be used for official communications by the university. Do not use them for individual distribution or to promote private businesses. Do no alter or change any of the logos or media downloads. Logos used on any merchandise that is sold must go through a licensed vendor and pay royalties. Please contact Marketing and Communications if you have any questions.

Digital Style Guide

Our digital style guide and library provides guidelines for usage, documentation and raw code for all of Lenoir-Rhyne University digital patterns, components and templates. All of this is provided to assist you and LR's campus partners in creating, designing and developing robust and accessible digital experiences across all Lenoir-Rhyne University digital properties. 

Before beginning a website or digital project, please contact Doug Minor, associate vice president for marketing and communications, at to review your goals, objectives and accessibility compliance for your project. 

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University Logos & Marks

Please note that high-resolution versions of logos are provided for print projects in .eps format. Logos in .png format can be used for digital projects, including websites, emails, social media, etc. Both .eps and .png logos are provided with transparent backgrounds.

Lenoir-Rhyne University two-color stacked logo

Two-color stacked logo. Preferred logo for all materials and communications.


Lenoir-Rhyne University stacked logo in black


Lenoir-Rhyne University stacked logo in white (reverse color)

This is a white/reversed logo on a transparent background.
The black background is used for display only.
Don't use a black rectangle as shown. 

Lenoir-Rhyne University logo - white lettering over red slanted rectangle
Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary logo

News & Events

After more than two decades at LR, Dean Katie Fisher will retire at the end of May 2023. Known for her caring but firm leadership, she has influenced the culture of student life on campus and influenced individual students' lives in immeasurable ways.

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Alongside the class of 2023, at the close of this academic year, Lenoir-Rhyne bids farewell to seven faculty members whose decades of service to the university have left an immeasurable impact.

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