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Student Accounts

College is about more than just the classroom. While here at Lenoir-Rhyne, you’ll have opportunities to lead student organizations, study abroad, interact with experts from various professional fields, and grow in many ways as you continue to build upon the foundation of your education. As you’ve discovered in the classroom, asking questions and learning where to find information is key to your success.

The same is true when it comes to managing your student account and financial aid. To ensure you have the right information and access to your student account – billing statement, payment plan, direct deposit, and more – we’ve collected the information you need for quick reference.

Whether your bill is covered by financial aid or you are making payments, it’s important to know how to access and manage your student account. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Janet McKee

Janet McKee

Director, Student Accounts
Hickory Campus

To access any of the items below related to your Student Account, please log into Self Service Portal. If you have difficulty logging into your Student Account, you can reach out to the IT Help Desk at 828.328.7350.

Student Account Online

To access the following options on the CashNet main screen, select ‘My Finances’ and then click any of the icons under ‘Manage Student Account’.

Your Account: Balance is up-to-date at time of log in. Review your last statement, check current balance by selecting 'make payment,' and make a payment if necessary.
Your Recent Payments: Indicates the most recent payments made on your account (not including financial aid).
eRefund: Displays your eRefund status as 'enrolled' if you have added an account, or you can click the link to add an account.
Parents or Authorized User: Adding a parent(s) or authorized user gives them access to this page where they can set up a payment plan and make payments.
Your Bills: Displays most recent statements, with more available by selecting 'View All. '
Installment Payment Plans: Offers available payment plans which change based on the time of year.
Saved Accounts: Allows you to save credit card and/or checking account information to your account for ease of payment.

Directions for eRefund

Setting up an eRefund account is easy, secure, and ensures you receive your refund in a timely manner.

To set up eRefund:
  1. Log into Self Service Portal under 'Finances' and click on 'Student Account.'
  2. Click the link under 'eRefund' and name your account (e.g. My Savings Account).
  3. Enter the name of the account holder, account type (checking or savings), account number, and routing number.
  4. Click continue to confirm your information.

Directions for Adding a Parent or Authorized User

Adding a parent(s) or authorized user gives them access to make payments, view payment history, and review balance statements. This does not give the user access to any other area of your myLR account (e.g. grades, financial aid, or student life). You can add as many users as you would like, but keep it limited to those who need access to your student financial account.

To add them:
  1. Log in to Self Service Portal and under 'Finances' click on 'Student Account.'
  2. Click 'Add New' under 'Parent User Names.'
  3. Create a Parent User Name.
  4. Provide and confirm the email address for this user.
  5. Click 'Yes' to allow user(s) to login.
  6. Determine if they should have access only (user can log in as needed), or if they should also receive emails (your user would receive the same emails you do when a statement is available). Selecting 'Access and Receive Emails' helps ensure statements aren’t missed.
  7. You can also select whether the parent receives 'Installment Payment Plan' email notifications if a payment plan is setup.
  8. Click 'OK' and an email will be sent to the new user.

Installment Plans

Log in to Self Service Portal and navigate to ‘Sign Up for Installment Plan’ under 'Manage Student Account.' From the CashNet home screen, select the plan you wish to enroll in. Please note that only available plans are displayed.

Typically, your account balance is due a month after the semester begins or interest charges will accrue. Financial aid (scholarships, grants, and loans) may help reduce your balance. The remaining balance can be paid by setting up a CashNet payment plan, which ensures interest charges do not accrue. A nonrefundable $35 enrollment fee will apply. Automatic draft is available.

Available plans* include:
• 10 month plan (June-March)
• 8 month plan (August-March)
• Fall Only Plan
• Spring Only Plan

*Plans are subject to change depending on time of year. The 10-month and 8-month plans are intended for both Fall and Spring semester charges. The 5-month plans are intended for one full semester (either Fall or Spring)

Important: Once account is active choose 'MPP payment,' instead of 'Balance Payment,' so the system will apply your payment correctly. This action will help avoid constant overdue balance email reminders.

Title IV Credit Authorization Form

Credits on your account either from an overpayment or from an excess of financial aid funds may appear on your account.

Generally, you have three options:
  • Retain the credit in your account for future charges by signing and submitting a Title IV Form (Retain Credit Balance). The form can be located under 'My Finances' in the Portal.
  • Sign up for eRefund - the system will disburse the credit into your bank within 72 hours (initial eRefund setup may take up to 10 days, depending on the bank).
  • No action - the credit will be disbursed by check on Thursdays and sent to your LR PO Box or current address.

To indicate your preference, complete the Title IV Authorization Form. You can access the form under the 'Form Section' of 'My Finances' in the LR Portal. You can make changes to the form at any time by completing and submitting a new one.