Undergraduate Scholarships

At Lenoir-Rhyne, we strive to make higher education as accessible as possible, recognizing that paying for college is a top concern for students and their families.

Very few of our students pay the full tuition because we offer scholarships, financial aid, loans and payment plans. There are multiple ways that a Lenoir-Rhyne education can fit your family’s budget.


  • Child of a Lutheran Minister

    If you have a parent that is an ordained Lutheran Minister, you may be eligible for a scholarship from LR.

  • Friends in Faith

    A matching gift program, LR will match a scholarship of up to $500 received from an undergraduate's Lutheran church. Your home church congregation can complete a form to apply for this matching gift Friends in Faith scholarship.

  • Legacy

    If your parents or grandparents are graduates of Lenoir-Rhyne, you are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship — just for being a legacy.

  • LR Scholars

    All admitted students are considered for the LR Scholars Award, which provides financial awards based on academic performance. The scholarship is awarded at the time of admission.

  • Martin Luther Fellows

    Available exclusively for undergraduate North Carolina ELCA students, the Martin Luther Fellows program rewards outstanding student contributions to church and community. Your home church congregation can complete a form to apply for your consideration.

  • Merit Scholarships

    If you are admitted to LR before the scholarship deadline of November 15 and meet certain criteria, you may be invited to compete for merit scholarships as part of LR’s Scholarship Day competition.

  • Phi Theta Kappa

    If you are a Phi Theta Kappa - Community College Honor Society member, you may be eligible to receive a $1,000 scholarship through LR.

  • Talent Scholarships

    Lenoir-Rhyne recognizes the talents of its student body. Scholarships are available for students gifted in music, theatre, debate and athletics.

  • Debate Scholarships

    We offer a limited number of debate scholarships if you demonstrate a drive and desire to succeed at the activity and make the depth of on-campus discussion more meaningful. For more information, contact Cade Hamilton at cade.hamilton@lr.edu.

  • Theatre Scholarships

    Lenoir-Rhyne’s appreciation and commitment to theatre are evident through scholarship funding over four years of study if you qualify. An audition and/or technical theatre interview is required. For more information, contact Lindsay Weitkamp at lindsay.weitkamp@lr.edu.

Katelyn Vause

I received a scholarship which made it possible for me to go to LR. All of my tuition was covered, making the cost of attendance affordable to my family.

Katelyn Vause '18, English

Music Scholarships

As a student majoring, minoring or participating in music ensembles, you have the opportunity to audition for a variety of scholarships. A base scholarship is also available to marching band members. An entrance audition is required for acceptance into the music program to pursue a major or minor. Several of the music ensembles also require auditions.

Lenoir-Rhyne's Music Department will host audition days for 2023 on November 4 and 2024 on February 10, March 23, and April 13. We also recognize that talented students are involved in many activities and may not be able to attend these specific dates. You may schedule an alternative audition time with the Music Department at music@lr.edu

  • Music Major Scholarship

    These renewable scholarships are available to students majoring in music (available for double major as well). Students must audition and demonstrate academic achievement and significant ability in their expertise. Students are required to follow the music major course of study, including participation in either the A Cappella Choir or Wind Symphony/Wind Ensemble, and successfully complete an applied music course in their primary area each semester. Students must also successfully participate in a secondary ensemble (may include Marching Band).

  • Sacred Music Scholarship

    Available for students in the sacred music major. These substantial awards are renewable each year. Amount varies. Ryan Luhrs, Ph.D., coordinator of the sacred music program, has the final word on Sacred Music Scholarships.

  • Music Minor Scholarship

    Awarded to non-music majors following the music minor curriculum, these renewable awards require an audition and are available over four years. You are required to follow the music minor course of study, including participation in either the A Cappella Choir or Wind Symphony/Wind Ensemble, and successfully complete an applied music course in their primary area each semester. You must also successfully participate in a secondary ensemble (may include Marching Band).

  • Ensemble Leadership Scholarship

    Ensemble Leadership Scholarships are are available to students who audition and successfully participate in either the A Cappella Choir or Wind Symphony/Wind Ensemble, and successfully complete an applied music course in their primary area each semester. You must also successfully participate in a secondary ensemble (may include Marching Band).

  • Ensemble Leadership Scholarship

    Scholarships are available to students who successfully audition and participate in either the A Cappella Choir or Wind Symphony/Wind Ensemble and successfully complete an applied music course in their primary area each semester.

  • Marching Band and Color Guard Scholarship

    Awards over four years are available to students who participate successfully in the “Spirit of LR” Marching Band (including color guard).

Procedures for Music Scholarships

  • Schedule an audition.
  • Apply for admission to Lenoir-Rhyne.
  • Apply for financial aid. Make certain that a FAFSA report is sent to Lenoir-Rhyne.
  • Prepare your audition pieces.

Formal scholarship awards will be made by the Office of Financial Aid after all required forms and information have been submitted.

  • Audition Literature - Music Major Scholarships

    Live in-person auditions are preferred.
    Required: a music, music education, music performance or sacred music major or track. 

    • Vocalists: Voice principals should prepare two contrasting pieces, preferably memorized. One selection may be from the standard vocal "classical" repertoire. A second selection can be in a foreign language, (but not required), or a musical theater selection.
    • Keyboard: Keyboard principals should be prepared to perform two short pieces or one more substantial selection. Organists may certainly include hymn preludes as well as standard “recital” literature.
    • Instrumentalists: Brass, percussion and woodwind principals should select two contrasting pieces which demonstrate your command of the instrument and of musical expression. Standard recital literature and etudes are both appropriate audition material. Percussionists may wish to perform on several of the standard instruments. Instrumentalists should also be prepared to play a chromatic scale and several major and minor scales.
  • Audition Literature – Music Minor Scholarships

    Requirements for music minor auditions are similar to those for music majors. In situations where distance presents a significant challenge, music minor scholarship auditions may be submitted by unedited video or audio files. Please make certain that the literature you choose represents your performance well.

  • Audition Literature - Ensemble Leadership Scholarships

    Students are encouraged to schedule a live "in person" audition, but may certainly audition for Wind Symphony and/or A Cappella Choir scholarships via submitted unedited video or audio files. The selection of literature is at your discretion but should be extensive enough to determine your qualification for participation in a major ensemble. Brass and woodwinds should include a chromatic scale over your full range and several other scales in addition to a “contest” style piece or etude. Vocalists may present a vocal selection from the standard "classical" literature, a musical theater selection and/or present their vocal part from a choral selection studied or recently presented in concert.


  • In-Person Audition Days: November 4, February 10, March 23 and April 13.
  • After April 13, auditions for a music scholarship are arranged on an individual basis. For more information, please contact music@lr.edu.
Schedule an Audition

Lenoir-Rhyne University scholarships and grants cannot be combined to exceed the cost of tuition. Additionally, students may earn up to, but no more than, two of the following awards: talent scholarships, LR Scholars, Teaching Scholars and other LR program scholarships.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

The following fellowship and scholarship opportunities are from sources outside of the university. These vary in undergraduate or graduate availability. 

  • Fellowships & Scholarships

    Barry Goldwater Scholarship

    The Barry Goldwater Scholarship is for sophomores and juniors who intend to pursue research careers in the natural sciences, math or engineering. Undergraduate research experience is essential. The minimum GPA is 3.0 out of 4.0; many recipients and Honorable Mentions have a 3.7+ GPA. 

    Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

    This grant program enables students of limited financial means to study or intern abroad – thereby gaining skills critical to our national security and economic competitiveness. The Gilman Scholarship Program is open to U.S. citizen undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding. 

    Boren Scholarship 

    Boren awards provide U.S. undergraduate and graduate students with resources and encouragement to acquire language skills and experience in countries critical to the future security and stability of the United States. In exchange for funding, Boren award recipients agree to work in the federal government for a period of at least one year. 

    Fulbright Student Program

    As a U.S. student program fund, the Fulbright Student Program funds students who are looking to pursue international graduate study, research, or teaching English. Programs are worldwide and benefits include airfare, room and board, and health insurance. Some countries include tuition coverage, language study, and books Must have an undergraduate degree, and cannot yet hold a Ph.D. 

    Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation

    The Truman Scholarship is for college students who want to attend graduate school to prepare for careers in government or elsewhere in public service. Awardees could be given up to $30,000 for graduate or professional school, participate in leadership development activities and have special opportunities for internships and employment with the federal government. You must be a junior in the upper quarter of the class. 

    Marshall Scholarship

    The Marshall Scholarship helps finance young American students to study in the United Kingdom. Up to 50 students are selected on an annual basis to study at the graduate level in any field of study at any U.K. institution of higher learning. 

    Mitchell Scholarship

    The Mitchell Scholarship is designed to introduce and connect students to the island of Ireland and connect future American leaders who demonstrate intellectual achievement, leadership, and commitment to service. Must have an undergraduate degree before beginning study as Mitchell scholar. 

    Rhodes Scholarship

    Supporting exceptional students from around the world, the Rhodes Scholarships are postgraduate awards providing the opportunity to study at the University of Oxford. Must complete your undergraduate degree before starting at Oxford. 

    Udall Undergraduate Foundation

    This Udall Undergraduate Foundation provides scholarships to college sophomores and juniors who are interested in leadership, public service and are committed to issues related to/around Native American nations or to the environment. Must be a sophomore or junior.