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To meet the growing needs for advanced professionals in exercise, fitness, and related areas, LR offers a Master of Science in Exercise Science. In this 33-hour program, students will study the scientific aspects of human movement. The curriculum builds on a basic science foundation to expand student understanding of practical problems related to the human body's response to physical activity.

The program is designed with the working adult in mind. Delivered fully online, learners have access from anywhere in the world to carefully designed coursework and engaged, expert faculty with a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding the many facets of exercise science. Students may begin any semester (summer, fall, or spring term). As a non-cohort program, students can complete the curriculum at their own pace—full-time or part-time.

The program objectives of LR’s MS in Exercise Science are as follows:

  • Develop a sound foundational knowledge of understanding of human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, biomechanics and adaptations to physical activity and exercise.
  • Demonstrate skills pertaining to assessments, laboratory methods, experimental and analytical practices, along with data acquisition and reporting in the exercise sciences.
  • Lead with knowledge of the importance and influence of physical activity, kinesiology, nutrition and exercise on health and be an advocate for enhanced quality of life.
  • Manage, administer, and evaluate wellness and fitness programs, nutrition projects, and exercise physiology tracks based in sport, clinical, industrial, and/or corporate environments



The Masters of Science in Exercise Science requires 33 credit hours for graduation. Courses include core curriculum plus 6 hours of electives. Students are expected to bring to the program pre-requisite knowledge in anatomy and physiology (demonstrated by previous successful completion of a two-course sequence in this area at the undergraduate level).

Classes span over a wide area of content in the field offered by highly qualified experts in their disciplines: sports nutrition; exercise/sport psychology; biomechanics, exercise physiology; testing and prescription; and research methodologies. In addition, the program entails an intensive focus on integrated experiential learning through practicums. Students have the option of completing a thesis project, as well.

Program Requirements

Program Contact

Dr. Alex Koch

Professor of Health, Exercise, and Sport Science
Hickory Campus

Alona Forney

Administrative Assistant, McCrorie Center
Hickory Campus