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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is a critical part of the student learning experience at LR. Opportunities for students to create and to present their independent work are plentiful and are key components in practically every academic program.

The Symposium on University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) began at LR in the spring in 2009 and continues today. Classes for the day are cancelled, as undergraduate and graduate students present their research projects and creative works to the campus community during the afternoon and evening periods. SOURCE is a part of a much larger annual Celebration of Academic Excellence at LR, as students from across many disciplines present research, perform, and/or are recognized for academic achievement in other ways.

In addition, all LR undergraduates complete in their core curriculum the “Level II” course sequence as part of their general education requirements. In these upper-division generalist courses, students select research topics, produce their work and, ultimately, complete their capstone requirement by means of a public presentation to the campus regarding their findings. In this regard, LR is among a very few colleges and universities that provide such attention to research and public presentation for all undergraduate students.

Finally, many LR students will complete research presentations off-campus through state-wide, regional, and/or national conferences. For example, each year, students in the Natural Sciences who are completing their senior research projects may present at the North Carolina Academy of Sciences Conference. Similar opportunities exist for students in diverse programs such as Mathematics and Computer Science, Psychology, History, and the Health Sciences. Many opportunities exist for creative expression in the fine arts programs like Music, Art, and Theatre, where students showcase their talents in public settings.