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Academic Integrity

At Lenoir-Rhyne University, we emphasize the development of the whole person. Espousing a positive set of values promotes our personal development and enhances our interactions with others.

At LR—whether it's in the classroom, in the resident halls, on the athletic fields, or elsewhere—attention to values is a key component of the educational experience.

Academic integrity is a critical element in our community of learners. All contributors to Lenoir-Rhyne University—students, faculty, staff, and administration—are charged to support and to cultivate a learning environment in which integrity flourishes.

These values are articulated in LR's Honor Commitment Pledge:

A fundamental purpose of a liberal education is its attempt to cultivate in the student a sense of honor and high principles pertaining especially to academics, but extending to all areas of life. An inherent feature of Lenoir-Rhyne University is its commitment to an atmosphere of integrity and ethical conduct. As a student of Lenoir-Rhyne University, I accept as my personal responsibility the vigorous maintenance of honesty, truth, fairness, civility, and concern for others.

My devotion to integrity demands that I will not cheat in academic work and that I adhere to the established and required community code of conduct. I accept the responsibility for upholding the established standards against those who would violate them. And I understand and accept the consequences of infracting upon or assisting others in infracting upon this code. In addition to and beyond the requirements of any code or law, I affirm my own commitment to personal honor and integrity in all matters large and small. Even though the ideal of honor is an abstract one, by implementing this ideal, I join the men and women of Lenoir-Rhyne University in making the concept of honor a reality.