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Office of the President

LRU Board Leadership

Board of Trustees

Boyd L. George Chair

Katherine F. McKenzie ’69 Vice Chair

Margaret H. Jackson ’69 Secretary

Charles M. Snipes ’58 Assistant Secretary

Jerome W. Bolick Treasurer

The Rev. Mark A. Bernthal

Gabrielle M. Kelly '01

Dr. Kenny Chun ’74, ’00HD

Dewyone (Pedie) King '96

The Rev. Dr. Rachel L. ConnellyJoseph P. McGuire

The Rev. D. Rhodes Woolly '88

George A. Moretz

Madeleine S. Dassow '75Jade Cobb Murray '03

Alan P. Davis '85The Rev. G. Steven Plonk '76

Marvin S. (Eddie) Edwards, Jr.

C. Clifford Ritchie '76

Katherine B. Esch '70

The Rev. Dr. Mary Hinkle Shore

Jane C. Handly '67

Sybil B. Stewart '58

The Rev. G. Scott Homesley '83

Steven M. Thomas

Steve O. Hunt

Boyd C. Wilson, Jr. '74
Tony W. Wolfe '70
ex ofFicio membership
Dr. Fred Whitt Lenoir-Rhyne University President

The Rev. Dr. Timothy M. Smith Bishop, NC Synod, ELCA

The Rev. Dr. William B. Trexler ELCA Pastor, Chair of LTSS Advisory Council

Board of Visitors

Dick Huffman '72 Chair

Frank Surface '85 Vice Chair

Cat Niekro
Vice President/Liaison

Dr. Robert E. Allen Secretary/Liaison

Stuart Bridgers '07

Vickie Martin '79

Milton Brown '75

Bill Mayberry '79

Todd Burwell '93

Mickey Payseur '73

Ross Campbell, Jr. '95

Steven Richter '86

Andy DeCuzzi

Doug Urland '91

Charles Hauser '70

Trey Wall III '90

Samantha Howell '90

Joan Huffman '75

Julie Huffman '82

Buster Mann III '73

Tony Jackson '69

Presidential Cabinet

Dr. Katie Fisher

Assistant Provost, Dean, Student Life

Dr. Gary Johnson

University Provost

Peter Kendall

Senior Vice President, Administration & Finance

Rachel Nichols

Vice President of Enrollment Management

Catherine Niekro

Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Kim Pate

Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

Emma Sellers

Director, Multicultural Affairs

The Reverend Andrew Weisner

Dean, Campus Ministry, University Pastor

Dr. Shaun Williams

Professor of Chemistry

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