Mandated Reporter Guide

Guide to Being a Mandated Reporter for Incidents of Sex Discrimination, Harassment, Misconduct and Retaliation

Who is a Mandated Reporter at Lenoir-Rhyne? 

All LR faculty and staff are Mandated Reporters (formerly, “Responsible Employees”) under university policy for purposes of reporting sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, sex discrimination and related retaliation (collectively, "Sex/Gender Discrimination and/or Retaliation"). Mandated Reporters include all faculty and staff (full-time, part-time and adjuncts), and some students (like resident and course assistants).

Employees that are not considered Mandated Reporters are called “Confidential Resources” and include university counselors and pastors and the student health provider (discussed more below). Confidential Resources are not required to report incidents of sex/gender discrimination. 

What are my responsibilities as a Mandated Reporter? 

As a Mandated Reporter, you must share immediately any information you have regarding an incident of Sex/Gender Discrimination and/or Retaliation involving a student or employee with the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Coordinator.

The university has an obligation to respond to reported incidents, and the university cannot respond unless you share information you learn immediately with the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Coordinator. 

How do I contact the Title IX Coordinator and Title IX Deputy Coordinator? 

Title IX Coordinator
Leah Reynolds, Ed.D
Title IX Coordinator
Lineberger 104 or

Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Revonda Reed
Assistant Vice President and Director of Human Resources
Hickory Campus

Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Harry Titus, Ed.D
Dean of Students
Hickory Campus

Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Susy Chandler
Director of Community Engagement
Asheville Campus

You may also report an incident by utilizing the reporting function on the university’s Title IX webpage and clicking on “Submit a Report or Complaint.” The form is automatically sent to the Title IX Coordinator when submitted.