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Our mission at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary (LTSS) is to teach, form, and nurture women and men for public ministry in a context that is Christ-centered, faithfully Lutheran and ecumenically committed. Our focus is on preparing students to succeed in a variety of ministry settings such as youth and family ministry, music ministry, faith formation, chaplaincy, and directors of faith-based non-profit organizations.

Many of our students are Lutheran, but not all of them. At LTSS we believe that being Lutheran means being in relationship with other denominations as well. That’s why some of our students are Methodists, some are Baptists, and some are from other denominations.

The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree is a two-year program (55 credit hours) that provides instruction in the broad range of theological disciplines. Students complete a 28-hour core curriculum and then craft the remaining nine course to fit their academic and professional goals. After completing the core requirements, students may use remaining electives to concentrate in one or more areas, depending on available course offerings. Possible areas of concentration include biblical studies, Christian theology, church history, preaching, Christian education, pastoral care, and worship. A minimum of nine credit hours (three courses) is required for a specialization. Students may also craft a more broad-ranging curriculum without a particular specialization. This degree is open to students from all denominations.

The faculty will teach, form, and nurture MTS students to ensure graduates exhibit the following competencies:

  • A solid understanding of scripture, theology, and church history.
  • An ability to interpret and communicate the Gospel that honors both the Christian faith and the contemporary multicultural world.

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The MTS degree is designed with a core of 28 credit hours which is combined with 15 credit hours in selected ministry related areas, three semesters of teaching parish, and nine credit hours in electives which provide for an area of specialization.

Some students enter seminary with extensive academic background in religious studies and theology. Others have experience in ministry which may be relevant to certain courses. If you believe you are one of these students, please contact the Registrar (registrar@lr.edu) who will consider your circumstances in consultation with the Dean of the College of Theology or other appropriate faculty and staff.

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Theological Studies Major Requirements


Program Contact

Dr. Susan McArver

H. George Anderson Professor of Church History
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