Submit a Sex/Gender Discrimination, Harassment, Misconduct and/or Retaliation Report

For additional resources, or if you have questions, contact Avery Staley, Title IX Coordinator, at or or 828.328.7443.

If you would like to make an anonymous complaint, you may complete this form with all details of the incident except your name and other identifying information. However, if you make an anonymous report, it will limit the university’s ability to respond. If you aren’t sure whether you want to report your name, we encourage you to talk through your options with a confidential resource, including a university counselor, pastor or student health provider.
Does the complainant wish to remain confidential at this time?
(The complainant only wants their name and information about the incident to be shared with the Title IX Coordinator.)
Alleged individual against whom the grievance is asserted ("respondent")
Does the respondent live on-campus or off-campus
Was the respondent known to the complainant prior to the incident?
Potential witnesses to the incident
Does the complainant wish to notify law enforcement at this time?
If law enforcement was already notified, which agency was notified (check all applicable)?