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Vehicle Registration & Parking

Students who operate or park a motor vehicle on the property of Lenoir-Rhyne University are required to register their vehicles with Campus Safety in Cromer Center and properly display a valid parking decal.

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All faculty, staff, and students that park on campus are required to register their vehicles and display the appropriate decal. Decals are to be affixed on the inside of the lower right side of the front windshield.

Parking decals go on sale at the beginning of each school year (fall semester) and are valid through August 31 of the following year. The expiration date is printed on each decal. Parking permits may be purchased online by using the Self-Service Portal or permitsales.net/LRU.

It is the responsibility of the motor vehicle operator to find a legal parking space. The lack of a convenient space is not considered a valid excuse for the violation of any parking regulation. Rain or inclement weather will not alter any of the provisions of these regulations. Strict adherence to the traffic regulations must be observed by all members of the university community in order to be fair to all.

The campus safety officers have been authorized to issue tickets to all vehicles that are in violation of the traffic rules and regulations of the university. The university further reserves the right to tow vehicles at the owner’s expense.

Vehicles issued valid LRU parking permits and parked on university property must be kept in operating condition at all times. Disabled vehicles will not be allowed to park on school property and will be subject to being towed off of the campus property at the discretion of LRU Campus Safety and at the expense of the owner.

When a ticket is issued, a copy is left on the vehicle. If for some reason this is not possible, a copy is mailed to the individual to whom the parking decal is registered. When a vehicle is towed from the property of Lenoir-Rhyne University, the individual involved and the Hickory City Police Department are notified as soon as possible.

All violations and fines are recorded on the vehicle registration record located in the Department of Security Services. Student tickets must be paid in order to receive final grades for the semester. Unpaid faculty/staff fines may be garnished from wages at the end of each semester. Tickets may be paid at the Security Office for 10 days from the ticket’s issue date. After that time, they must be paid in the Business Office in Lineberger Administration Building.

After acquiring a third parking ticket without resolution, the violations will become a judicial matter with the dean of students. After acquiring five or more unresolved tickets, violators may be towed at owners’ expense.

Violations for parking in reserved spaces for president, VPs, and dean of students may result in vehicle being towed at owner’s expense along with the appropriate citation.

Violations of other reserved parking marked off with cones or barricades may result in vehicles being towed at owner’s expense.

Other violations that may result in towing are as follows: parked in a travel lane, blocking dumpsters, blocking access to other parking or parked in a manner that may create a hazard.