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With an easy laugh and a welcoming smile Carly Godfrey ’23, MBA ’24, is the kind of person who spreads joy and makes other people feel at ease, which makes her role as a member of the talent acquisition team – the division of human resources that recruits new employees – at Alex Lee, Inc. in Hickory, an ideal fit. 

Carly Godfrey

“This role really hits the nail on the head for me. I majored in psychology for my bachelor’s degree, so I get to use that background alongside my business degree,” said Godfrey. “And I love being able to offer jobs and opportunities to people who need them.”

While Godfrey enjoyed studying psychology, she felt little interest in a career path in counseling or academia. Unsure what she might do with her degree, she went so far as to consider changing majors – then a friend at her church offered an unexpected suggestion.

“Being from Hickory, I know a lot of people,” Godfrey explained. “I was worried about what I would do after graduation, and a family friend who has worked at Alex Lee for many years asked me, ‘Have you ever thought about HR?’ He told me to send him my resume to pass along to the talent and acquisition director. Not long after, I got a call from her.”

Carly Godfrey at a pumpkin decorating activity on campus

Godfrey completed a six-month internship with the company as part of the human resources department. Discovering how much she liked business, Godfrey enrolled in the accelerated master’s program, allowing her to complete coursework toward her MBA while still an undergraduate. Then, at the end of the internship, Alex Lee, Inc. offered her a position with the same talent and acquisition team that hired her.

“I was recently promoted to talent acquisition and development coordinator,” said Godfrey. “I’m still part-time because my supervisor is excellent and wants me to finish school before I transition to full-time. The company really values education and work-life balance – they’re very family-oriented.”

Balance is nothing new to Godfrey, who was a member of the women’s swim team and the A Cappella Choir as an undergraduate and worked as a Bear of Distinction (BoD) for the Office of Admission. As a graduate student, she has served as a resident director in the Living Learning Center.

“I grew up in Hickory, went to St. Stephen’s High School and swam for their team. As a kid, I learned to swim in the LR pool!” Godfrey shared. 

Carly Godfrey swimming in a compeition

However, because LR was so close to home, Godfrey didn’t consider it an option for college until LR men’s and women’s swim coach Paul Schiffel suggested a campus visit, and Godfrey fell in love with the campus she had known her whole life.

“My parents graciously let me live on campus, so I got a full college experience,” Godfrey shared. “I got to do a lot as an undergrad, try new things, and I think that has shaped my transition into adult life. I know I can work when I’m at work. I can study when I’m at school. I can have a social life. I can always try something new and different – like the powerlifting team this year, which I joined this year. I mean, why not?

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