LTSS Alumni

The alumni engagement efforts aim to connect LTSS alumni with the seminary and one another through a variety of programs, both formal and informal.

We offer opportunities to return to campus, like Alumni Day, and foster a sense of community among seminary alumni.

Alumni Board

The LTSS Alumni Board works to find opportunities for LTSS alumni to engage with the seminary and with one another and generally further the interests of LTSS.

The board meets regularly and is led by the president and governed by bylaws.

Terms expire in 2021

  • The Rev. John Stirewalt, president
  • The Rev. Stephen Mims
  • Dr. Susan McArver, faculty representative
  • Ms. Shelby Mills, administrative staff representative
  • Christopher Girardeau, student body president

Terms expire in 2022

  • The Rev. David Drysdale
  • Deacon Dallas Shealy
  • The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Quick
  • The Reverend Jennifer Shimota, Staff rep.
  • The Rev. Dr. Mark Fitzsimmons
  • The Rev. Dr. Mary Shore