Human Services, M.A.

Create change. Pursue your passion for helping others.

Our fully online graduate program in human services is geared toward helping you pursue your passion for helping others and create meaningful change in the world.

The demand for human service leaders is growing, and we can prepare you to shine in this dynamic field. We want to provide you with the opportunity to transform your career and make a difference in the lives of those most vulnerable and underserved.

You are able to advance your skillset by studying theory, human systems, human services delivery systems, interpersonal communications, information management and more.

The program is designed with the working adult in mind. You may enroll from anywhere in the world, and you may begin any semester (summer, fall or spring term). As a non-cohort program, you can complete the curriculum at your own pace—full-time or part-time. Any practicum or internship experience can be completed close to home at your convenience.

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Take the next step toward completing your Master of Arts in Human Services at Lenoir-Rhyne University


Program Tracks

Tailor your experience to your interests and professional goals through specific program tracks:

  • Human services management
  • Addictions counseling
  • Career development

This 33-credit hour program, including an internship, gives you hands-on opportunities to work with human services professionals in areas working with underrepresented populations, managing public agencies or nonprofit organizations and administering programs and services. Coursework reflects the knowledge content areas measured by the HS-BCP examination to complete your certification.

Jessie Haynes

While pursuing my master’s degree, I was able to balance a full-time job and social life while completing my courses at my own pace.

Jessie Haynes ’16, MA’19

Program Requirements

Online Only 

The master of arts in human services program requires scholarly and professional activities designed to advance the student substantially beyond the educational requirements of a baccalaureate degree program. The degree is structured to prepare students for professional practice through the creative application of knowledge, theory and skills. The curriculum provides opportunity for a broad conceptual mastery of the field through an understanding of subject matter, bibliographic resources, theory, practice and scholarly research. The intent of the curriculum is to develop within students the capacity to interpret, analyze, synthesize and communicate knowledge and to develop those skills needed to effectively practice and advance the profession.

Program Admission Requirements

Visit Graduate Admission for the most current Program Admission Requirements.

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