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Our mission at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary (LTSS) is to teach, form, and nurture women and men for public ministry in a context that is Christ-centered, faithfully Lutheran and ecumenically committed. Our focus is on preparing students to succeed in a variety of ministry settings, but especially in congregations. Many of our students are Lutheran, but not all of them are. At LTSS we believe that being Lutheran means being in relationship with other denominations. That’s why some of our students are Methodists, some are Baptists, and there are students from other denominations as well.

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree is a three-year program (92 credit hours). The MDiv curriculum seeks to shape the entire person for faithful service to the church and to the world.

The major components of the curriculum are fourfold:

  1. Religious heritage: Students understand the Christian heritage through the study of scripture, theology, and church history.
  2. Cultural context: Students understand various cultural contexts of Christian ministry through particular courses and ministry experiences.
  3. Personal and spiritual formation: Students grow in personal faith, emotional maturity, moral integrity, and public witness as members of a community in which they study, worship, and serve together.
  4. Ministerial and public leadership: Students practice and reflect upon various kinds of ministries in their internships and other field education experiences.

The faculty will teach, form, and nurture students so that graduates:

  • Understand scripture, theology, and church history.
  • Interpret scripture as a witness to God’s faithfulness in Jesus Christ and communicate this message of scripture clearly.
  • Can interpret and communicate the Gospel that honors both the Christian faith and the contemporary multicultural world.
  • Are mature so that they can be effective ministers and disciples in a variety of ministry settings.

Divinity Accreditation


The MDiv degree requires 92 credit hours. Courses are divided into tiers. Tier One courses do not have prerequisites; Tier Two courses have at least one prerequisite. Tier One courses may be taken in any order and combination. Tier Two courses may also be taken in any order and combination as long as the prerequisites have been met. Tier Three courses are contextual education courses.

Some students enter seminary with extensive academic background in religious studies and theology. Others have experience in ministry which may be relevant to certain courses. If you think you are one of these students, please contact the Registrar who will consider your circumstances in consultation with the Dean of the Seminary or other appropriate faculty and staff.

Divinity Curriculum Requirements


Program Contact

Dr. Brent Driggers

Professor of New Testament, Associate Dean for Academic Programs
LTSS Campus