Chemistry, B.S.

Chemistry has an impact on every aspect of our world. Every day, chemists work to develop life-changing medicines, improve methods for growing our foods, reduce energy use and pollution and much more.

The chemistry major at LR offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide you with creative and analytical insight into the importance of chemistry in our world.

Chemistry is often called the central science because it bridges other natural sciences, including physics, geology and biology. Students electing to pursue a degree in chemistry have the opportunity to become a part of one of the largest scientific professions in the United States.

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Take the next step toward completing your Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree at Lenoir-Rhyne University.

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Take the next step toward completing your Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree at Lenoir-Rhyne University.


Learning Inside & Outside the Classroom

Future employers and graduate schools will look at your entire undergraduate work both inside and outside the classroom. Take full advantage of all opportunities that are available to you at LR, including research, study abroad, internships, student clubs and organizations.

The chemistry major is rigorous yet rewarding and offers many opportunities to gain invaluable experience in and out of the classroom.

  • Benefits of Majoring in Chemistry

    Pursuing a degree in chemistry gives you the opportunity to become a part of one of the largest scientific professions in the United States. The benefits of a chemistry degree include:

    • Developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills
    • Learning to effectively collaborate with others
    • Honing your research abilities
    • Understanding how to best analyze data and draw conclusions
    • Enhancing your writing and presentation skills
    • Preparation for professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and physical therapy
  • Internships, Careers & Graduate School

    A degree in chemistry will provide you with the background and critical thinking skills to be successful in a variety of post-graduate situations.


    As a student, you can complete internships, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned in class and gain real-world experience. We work in partnership with local companies and organizations to provide opportunities for you to collaborate with professionals in the field.

    Graduate School

    It is an option for you if you are planning to pursue graduate study (M.S. or Ph.D.), to become a health professional, work in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries or teach at the K-12 or collegiate level.

    Students interested in applying to medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, or physical therapy school can major in chemistry (usually in the biochemistry track).


    Career opportunities in science and technology are consistently growing. As a chemistry graduate, you could become any of the following and more.

    • Analytical chemist
    • Chemical oceanographer
    • Chemical salesperson
    • Engineer
    • Environmental protection specialist
    • Food researcher
    • Forensic chemist
    • Formulation chemist
    • Medical scientist
    • Researcher and product developer
    • Teacher or professor
  • Outside the Classroom

    We understand that education goes beyond our university campus. We offer many ways to expand your learning and get connected with peers in the industry.


    You will be required to complete a year-long research project. With the assistance of faculty mentors, you can focus on an area of study, while developing vital skills in research methodology.

    Lecture Series

    Our College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics hosts the Steelman Lecture Series through which renowned scientists and writers are invited to speak to the campus and surrounding community.

    Social & Networking Events

    Career and graduate school nights are also held annually. These events feature former students and respected professionals who offer information and guidance about various career options.

Major Requirements

The courses in the chemistry curriculum are designed to provide individuals with creative and analytical insight into the involvement of chemistry in the world. The major also provides the opportunity to enter graduate school as well as to become a part of the largest scientific profession in the United States. The Chemistry major earns a B.S. degree.


Students majoring in Chemistry and judged qualified by the faculty may, upon invitation, elect to pursue honors work in Chemistry. To graduate ''With Honors in Chemistry,'' students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 and a minimum major GPA of 3.5, with no Chemistry grade lower than a ''B-''. They must present their research in a setting outside the chemistry department.

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