Explore American Culture & Society

American Studies, B.A.

Explore American life as a whole, rather than from the perspective of a single academic discipline.

American Studies offers a broad-ranging curriculum examining history and culture, society, national identity, communities and ideologies that have shaped our great nation.

You take classes in a number of areas to build a complex understanding of America through in-depth examinations of the influences of the past and the contexts of the present.

Required courses include American history, literature, religion, economics and government.

Additional courses are selected from a variety of subject areas, including sociology, political science, Latin American studies, African American studies, human and community services and mass communication.

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Take the next step toward completing your Bachelor of Arts in American Studies degree at Lenoir-Rhyne University.

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Take the next step toward completing your Bachelor of Arts in American Studies degree at Lenoir-Rhyne University.


Major Requirements

American Studies is an interdisciplinary approach to studying American culture and history, challenging students to think about American culture as a whole, rather than from the perspective of a single academic discipline. The combination of courses in the American Studies curriculum fosters critical thinking and writing skills, develops the ability to synthesize information, and encourages a greater understanding of self and society. The American Studies major earns a B.A. degree.

Learning Inside & Outside the Classroom

Future employers and post-graduate schools will look at your entire undergraduate work both inside and outside the classroom. Take full advantage of all opportunities that are available to you at LR, including research, study abroad, internships, student clubs and organizations.

  • Why Major in American Studies?

    An American Studies degree allows you to expand your knowledge of literature, economics, history, political science, sociology, theology, philosophy and fine arts.

    If you are interested in history and enjoy thinking about the social and ideological aspects of American culture, this degree will allow you to understand how we fit into the global society.

  • Careers & Graduate School

    Like other liberal arts degrees, American Studies equips you with the critical thinking, writing and other skills necessary for many career paths as well as a well-rounded life.

    Graduates of American Studies programs go on to graduate programs or careers in a variety of fields, including law, social work, public history, government, journalism, business, advocacy, museum work, professional writing and teaching.

  • Outside the Classroom

    We understand that education goes beyond our university campus. We offer many opportunities for you to expand your learning and get connected with peers.

    As a student you have an opportunity to complete an internship, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned in class and gain real-world experience. We work in partnership with local companies and organizations to provide opportunities for you to learn and collaborate with professionals in the field.

    LR’s study abroad programs in Latin American and our Washington Semester program are designed for students with interests in practically any academic area.

News & Events

After more than two decades at LR, Dean Katie Fisher will retire at the end of May 2023. Known for her caring but firm leadership, she has influenced the culture of student life on campus and influenced individual students' lives in immeasurable ways.

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Alongside the class of 2023, at the close of this academic year, Lenoir-Rhyne bids farewell to seven faculty members whose decades of service to the university have left an immeasurable impact.

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