High School Scholars Academy

The choices you make today determine what happens tomorrow. As a high school student, you can start your college career now at Lenoir-Rhyne through the High School Scholars Academy.

The academy is a year-long program for high school students who wish to pursue an advanced academic program during their junior or senior year, earning 18 or more credit hours.

Former students attest that the program provides a pathway to collegiate success because you learn time management skills, advance your critical thinking and navigate discussions with professors while having the support and structure of family nearby.

Apply Today

Start College Early at Lenoir-Rhyne

If accepted into the program, you will enroll in:

  • English Honors III or IV
  • Two or three additional college courses during the fall semester
  • Three or four additional college courses during the spring semester

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the 2022-2023 High School Scholars Academy is February 1, 2022.