Academic Support & Tutoring Service Request

Make appointments for all of our academic support services directly through the LR Accudemia platform. See instructions below.

To make an appointment:

  1. Visit LR Accudemia platform and log in with single sign-On using your LR username and password.
  2. Choose a phone number for receiving appointment notifications. Click on your name and choose Account. From your Account settings, change your home number to a cell number and save your changes.
  3. Email notifications with appointment details will be sent to your LR student email account. To add other email addresses, type in the address and choose the + sign. Save your changes.
  4. From the LR Accudemia homepage, click the new appointment button. Choose the service you need such as subject tutoring, math lab, academic coaching or Writing Center.
  5. Choose the subject area you need help in. If the help you need does not pertain to any of the subjects you are enrolled in, such as help writing an essay, choose Writing Center.
  6. Choose from the available appointment times. The default view is for appointments available in the current week that are a minimum 30 minutes in length. Click on the calendar icon to choose a specific date. Note that appointments cannot be made more than two weeks in advance. If you do not see the appointment or tutor you need, contact to make arrangements.
  7. After choosing an appointment time, type any notes you have for the tutor and choose to confirm or discard and start over. 
  8. Appointment confirmations are sent to the email address and cell phone number you set up in your account settings in steps 2 and 3. Email confirmations for online meetings will have a link to join the session at the scheduled time.