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Teaching Scholars

Priority consideration will be given to students competing at the University’s invitation-only Scholarship Day and to applications received by January 10th. However, applications will continue to be accepted beyond this date until all spaces are filled.

About the Program

Scholars will be placed in Hickory-area school districts throughout their programs of study where they will serve as tutors, small group leaders and instructional assistants.

Other program benefits include:

  • All scholars will participate in enrichment seminars and experiences each semester of their program of study
  • All scholars will participate in service projects in urban, rural, and inner-city communities
  • All scholars will be encouraged to study abroad during their program of study
  • All scholars will be housed in an honors dorm all four years, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology
  • Each scholar will receive personalized advising and mentorship provided by the Program Director throughout their program of study
  • All scholars will be eligible to participate in the LRU Honors Academy
  • Scholars will connect early and often with school district leaders throughout their programs of study
  • Scholars will have the opportunity to engage in summer experiences working with public school students and serving the local and regional communities
  • At the conclusion of their program of study, all scholars will receive job placement assistance, including the provision of resume materials to state human resource directors
  • All scholars successfully completing the program will have the opportunity to bridge into multiple graduate programs within the School of Education with significant discounts on tuition.
  • Scholars who complete the program will be licensed to teach anywhere in North Carolina and this license can be easily reciprocated to most other states in the US.

In addition to the program benefits listed above, Lenoir-Rhyne University's Teaching Scholars program provides scholarships of up to $5,500 per year for four years to incoming freshmen. These funds will be offered in addition to the federal, state and Lenoir-Rhyne financial aid for which the student may already be qualified, but cannot be combined to exceed the cost of tuition or combined with other top merit awards. The average LR student eligible for this program receives approximately $16,000 per year in scholarships and grants from the institution. There is no pay-back required for this scholarship through service or otherwise. This award cannot be combined with other programmatic scholarships.

Students who receive these scholarships will be required to participate in ongoing professional development activities in addition to standard university academic requirements. Exceptional academic, professional and service-related performance will be required in order to remain in the program. All Scholars will maintain residency on campus throughout their programs of study.

Apply to the Teaching Scholars Program

Applying for the Teaching Scholars Program is a two part process. You must apply to Lenoir-Rhyne prior to submitting the form below.

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Dr. Monica Campbell

Professor of Education, Director of Teaching Scholars Program
Hickory Campus