Carly York

  • Ph.D., Ecological Sciences, Old Dominion University
  • M.S., Ecological Sciences, Western Kentucky University
  • B.S., Exercise Physiology, Elon University

Carly Anne York is an animal behaviorist and physiologist who has spent her life studying how animals interact with their environments. She teaches animal physiology and vertebrate zoology courses within the College of Natural Science and Mathematics.

York's current research is studying the sensory physiology of the African clawed frog, an invasive species found around the world. She also works with the North Carolina Zoo and has completed research projects with students on the chimpanzee troop and African elephant herd. In addition, she has a special interest in communicating science to non-scientists and teaches a science communication course for biology majors.

York is the founder and faculty advisor of the student organization SEEDS of Lenoir-Rhyne, which is focused on promoting diversity and accessibility within the life sciences. She is an active science communicator who has collaborated with TED-ED on the creation of science lessons. York has also participated in numerous YouTube shows and podcasts and has been featured on The Science Channel.