Katie Fisher

  • Ed.D., Educational Leadership, Auburn University
  • M.Ed., Higher Education Administration, Auburn University
  • B.A., Physics, Agnes Scott College

Katie Fisher is the dean of student life at Lenoir-Rhyne. In her role, she strategically oversees and provides administrative oversight for all areas of student life, including areas and initiatives focused on promoting well-being and student engagement. With a deep understanding and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, Fisher is responsible for fostering and implementing a transformational student experience at LR, including the development of the whole person, the adherence to policies found in the student handbook and the promotion and communication with the student body. In addition to her regular duties, she serves as co-director of LR’s Broyhill Institute for Leadership.

Fisher joined LR in 2002 as the assistant professor of education and school chair and served as a faculty member until appointed to her current position in 2009.

As a family affair, Lenoir-Rhyne has served four generations of Fisher’s family. Her grandfather-in-law, Roy Fisher, a member of the Class of 1925 (and LTSS in 1928), was the first generation to graduate LR. Additionally, the following family members also graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne:

  • Father-in-law the Rev. Carl Fisher in 1955; also graduated from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in 1958
  • Husband Jeremy Fisher graduated in 1988, followed by her brother-in-law W.G. Linn Fisher in 1993 and LTSS in 1997
  • Son William Fisher graduated in 2021
  • Son Samuel Fisher is currently a junior at Lenoir-Rhyne and plans to graduate in 2023

In addition to the above individuals, the following members of the Fisher family either attended or graduated from LR.

  • Grandmother-in-law Ethel Frances Blackwelder Fisher: (wife of Roy Linn Fisher, mother to Carl Fisher and grandmother to Jeremy Fisher)
  • Aunt-in-law Rosalyn Fisher Misenheimer: (daughter of Roy Linn Fisher and Ethel Frances Blackwelder Fisher, sister of Carl Fisher, aunt of Jeremy Fisher)
  • Cousin Deborah Misenheimer: (granddaughter of Roy Linn Fisher and Ethel Frances Blackwelder Fisher, first cousin of Jeremy Fisher)