Library Evening Supervisor and Coordinator for Administrative and Technical Services

Position Title: Library Evening Supervisor and Coordinator for Administrative and Technical Services
Department: Rudisill Library
Reports to: Dean of University Library Services
Wage Class: Non-exempt (full-time, 12 months, 40 hours/week)

General Description/Primary Purpose

Oversees evening library services and contributes to excellence in library services through: maintaining and providing detailed budget information and control, processing payroll documents, accurately acquiring print and media materials using the III Sierra Integrated Library System (ILS), accurately cataloging and managing library resources using the ILS, managing interlibrary lending and borrowing (ILL) using OCLC’s Tipasa system, maintaining holdings in the OCLC union catalog, and providing general office management. Works effectively with faculty, staff, and student assistants to ensure the advancement of the library’s mission and vision. Operates within the guidelines of applicable laws, national library protocols, and university and library policies and procedures.

Specific Job Functions

Evening Supervision: Manages student library staff and services in the evenings
  • During the fall and spring semesters, works afternoons and evenings, Sunday through Thursday, until 9:00 p.m.
    • Summer work hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Provides assistance and oversight to library’s Student Library Assistants (SLAs) during evening hours
  • Assists patrons as needed with basic circulation and reference needs, referring substantive requests to librarians

Budget: Manage budgetary functions

  • Serves as the liaison to the business office, human relations office, maintenance, and housekeeping on most library matters
  • Monitors expenditures, seeks economies, advises the director of pending issues and assists in the planning of annual budget projections or requests
  • Reconciles official budget reports with internal records to ensure that charges are accurate and assigned to the correct object code
  • Submits invoices to business office for payment
  • Oversees payroll process for hourly workers
Coordinator for Administrative and Technical Services 

Acquisitions: Manage all new book and media acquisitions, including gifts, serials and standing orders

  • Verifies orders, checks for duplication, determines availability and best source
  • Creates order and item records in Integrated Library System (ILS) acquisitions module, assigning to appropriate funds
  • Creates and transmits purchase orders electronically or by mail
  • Verifies condition and accuracy of items delivered and completes the ILS order record
  • Works with vendors to resolve any problems
  • Manages payments and accurate records for subscriptions to electronic resources
  • Works with appropriate librarians on any Patron-Driven Acquisition (PDA) plan to ensure sufficient funds available for purchases made

Cataloging: Add to, maintain, and withdraw all print and media materials from library catalog

  • Performs copy and original cataloging using the ILS, OCLC, and standard cataloging protocols such as LC, AACR2, and MARC
  • Cataloging includes additions of books, media, standing orders and gifts, as well as withdrawals and changes to location or other data
  • Collaborates with other staff to coordinate procedures with acquisitions and processing
  • Continually updates and corrects Rudisill Library holdings in OCLC union catalog

Serials Records

  • Creates check-in records for periodicals in the ILS serials module; ensures timely check-in of periodical issues, and claims missing issues as needed
  • Maintains accurate record of physical holdings changes in serial titles
  • Updates serials holding information in OCLC and other consortial serials listings as needed

Interlibrary Loan

  • Works closely with library patrons and other libraries to provide responsive and effective interlibrary loan service
  • Learns and follows copyright regulations and other standard ILL protocols. Serves as library contact with the Copyright Clearance Center as needed
  • Utilizes the OCLC union catalog, OCLC ILL software, ILS catalog/circulation, and several other specialized databases to carry out verification, determine holdings, and process requests
  • Retrieves physical items, makes photocopies or scans, and sends lent materials by mail; processes and returns received materials; and runs daily reports of requests
  • Notifies patrons to ensure that borrowed materials are picked up and returned
  • Processes ILL-related invoices and payments
  • Retrieves ILL statistics for annual report and as needed
  • Supports Asheville librarians on ILL system and coordinates as required with both Asheville and Columbia libraries

Course reserves

  • Processes course reserves
  • Works with faculty on determining where to place electronic reserves within Canvas
  • Reviews requests for placing articles and electronic materials on reserve to ensure that copyright guidelines are followed. Obtains permission and processes payments through the Copyright Clearance Center on occasion as needed.
  • Coordinates as required with Asheville and Columbia libraries

General administrative support

  • Monitors office and library supplies; orders materials as needed
  • Troubleshoots and provides for the general maintenance of printers and copiers
  • Screens requests for use of all reservable library rooms, consulting with the library dean in questionable cases; maintains events on a shared library calendar, and prepares "Reserved" signs for all rooms as appropriate
  • Monitors building conditions and reports issues to maintenance office

Additional Duties and Tasks

  • Contributes to special library projects as needed
  • Keeps up-to-date with basic library services and technology tools (website, online catalog, databases, etc.) requesting additional support or training when needed
  • Takes advantage of appropriate training/professional development opportunities relevant to position responsibilities, especially those offered in-house or online
  • Fulfills University expectations for campus or community participation

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Education: Bachelor’s degree required

Experience:  Minimum of 3 years of full-time employment, preferably including experience with office management, a library environment, and technical services processes

  • Strong computer literacy, including fluency with MS Word, Excel, and the Internet
  • Experience with library catalogs, online databases, integrated library systems, interlibrary loan systems, and other library technology strongly preferred
  • Superior ability in book-keeping, record-keeping, general office skills
  • Ability to maintain professional poise and confidence in varied situations, often interacting with faculty, staff, and external contracts
  • Honesty, integrity and intellectual aptitude
  • Strong commitment to excellent user services
  • Very good communications and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently, seek guidance when needed, and collaborate with other members of the library staff

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