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The Lenoir-Rhyne University eSports Organization is currently competing in Overwatch and Super Smash Bros. for Switch. The organization welcomes students to form their own teams to represent the eSports organization as long as they meet the standards and conditions of the organization's Coordinator and Executive Board. More information can be found in the tabs below.

What is eSports and why should I play?

Lenoir-Rhyne University's eSports teams compete, in multiple different games, against other collegiate teams. The student-led organization provides an environment for students to grow in their respective games, form a bond with other team members and coaches, as well as compete at a collegiate level. Due to the nature of the organization, members tend to grow or improve their communication, teamwork, problem solving, and develop great focus skills. The organization is a growing community and is welcome to students that want to improve themselves.

How Can I Join?

Have you ever been interested in turning your hobby into something more? Wanting to be competitive in a casual environment? If you are ready start on your journey into collegiate Esports, contact Alec Vasconcelos at Alec.Vasconcelos@my.lr.edu.

You must be a full-time student with free time during the week that you can dedicate to practices. Hope to see you in the arena soon!

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