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Info icon  Due to COVID-19, the Speech Lab is currently delivering all of its services remotely.

Speech Lab

The Speech Preparation Lab offers aid to students and faculty across the university to help improve upon class or job presentations. The Speech Lab can help you refine your arguments, organize your thoughts and improve your delivery. 

You may consult with a tutor throughout your preparation process to:

  • Help you understand your speaking assignment
  • Get started with your speaking assignment
  • Develop and organize your ideas
  • Polish style
  • Design visual aids
  • Rehearse your presentation 


Due to COVID-19, Speech Lab services are now only offered remotely.

  • Meet with a tutor over Zoom
    The tutor will email you the join link before your scheduled appointment) to discuss your preparation process.
  • Meet with a tutor in GoReact for live rehearsal and feedback
    At your appointment time, join the GoReact space.
  • Submit a practice recording to the Virtual Speech Lab and receive feedback from tutors.
    The only difference here is that there won't be a tutor in the space with you, but they'll check out your video later to give the same support.

Schedule an Appointment

Using GoReact

All students have been provided a subscription to GoReact. You may need to activate the subscription if it is your first time logging in. Review our tutorial video on how to get into the Virtual Speech Lab.


Dr. Rebecca Alt
Speech Lab Director