Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commitment Plan

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) has completed a 16 step DEI commitment plan for implementation.

  1. Develop a dedicated link to DEI and Multicultural Affairs
  2. Establish a DEI Council at Lenoir Rhyne
  3. Establish an anonymous system to report incidents of bias or discriminatory treatment
  4. Review curriculum to seek opportunities for inclusiveness
  5. Promote and Support DEI professional development for faculty and staff
  6. Build Corporate partnerships to support a DEI mentoring and scholars program
  7. Create inclusive workforce
  8. Support campus events and create dialogue opportunities
  9. Serve as community partner to organizations that promote equity and inclusion
  10. Work with faculty to establish and build a diverse speaker series
  11. Implement online/certificate discriminatory and bias training for faculty and staff
  12. Create an inclusion teammate system
  13. Establish an annual DEI inclusion award for faculty, staff and a student
  14. Identify an LR alumus/a and board member to support DEI
  15. Utilize social media to support a robust marketing campaign for DEI
  16. Establish university-specific policy that supports DEI

Avery Staley, vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion, participated in a virtual DEI Conference sponsored by Corporate Counsel Women of Color. The conference included best practices in DEI, such as the role of anti-racism in DEI; recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce and measuring outcomes on DEI.

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