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LR's intramural gym receives facelift
LR's intramural gym receives facelift

When Lenoir-Rhyne announced its new strategic plan, one of the four key pillars was providing students with an exceptional experience.

One way that plan is met is through extracurricular activities, which is highlighted by the recent renovations completed in Moretz Gym.

"It's something we said we needed in our strategic plan, and we're making progress towards addressing those issues," LR Vice President of Athletics Kim Pate said. "It's a momentum piece where students are able to see our progress. Whether it's a Chik-Fil-A or upgrading the gym, it allows our students, student athletes and coaches to see that we're getting things done."

The ceiling and walls received a fresh coat of paint with new LR branded pads under the main basketball hoops, and visitors will be quick to notice the new, wood playing surface.

"It had the original tartan rubber floor, which had lost the top surface," Pate said. "It was unsafe for our students to continue to use."

That's no longer an issue as students and teams are able to use new JayPro ceiling hung baskets on the main court, as well as JayPro wall-mounted baskets on the side courts. Additions also include new glass backboards, and electric winches that allow the basketball hoops to be raised for other sports.

A new 75 feet long, 14 feet wide, and 14 feet high batting cage for baseball and softball was also added with 80 feet of turf to protect the floor during use.

Moretz Gym has always had the capability to have one main volleyball court. However, a new sleeve was installed in the flooring that can allow teams to either utilize the main court for volleyball, or they can utilize the side court space to set up two volleyball courts next to each other.

All the doors surrounding the gym were replaced and updated, as well.

The project was started last August and completed in late January.

"I think Justin (Hay) did a heck of a job coordinating this project, and I want to thank our coaches, student athletes and students for being patient," Pate said. "It wasn't the ideal time frame, but it was certainly worth it."