Equitable Technology Practices Concentration

This concentration equips communicators with strategies, tools and practices to expose traditionally biased systems and close gaps within media and communication sectors.

The equitable communication concentration provides strategies specific to building equitable environments and inclusive cultures.


ET01: Art & Media

4 Hours  |  Asset Lab  |  $399
In this course, participants use social equity strategies to measure their organization’s current website equitability. Based on their findings, participants will use the Asset Lab to develop a plan to increase equitability in their place of work or community. No web design needed.

ET02: Using Analytics Equitably

4 Hours  |  Asset Lab  |  $399
Data-driven decisions are prevalent in many industries. In this course, participants explore ways to look at data with an equity lens. In the Asset Lab, participants will develop an equitable, data-driven narrative.

ET03: Strategies for Online Facilitation

4 Hours  |  Asset Lab  |  $399
In this course, professionals learn to view data through the lens of equity. Participants will incorporate equity into the types of data that drive communication and will learn to develop equitable stories through the use of analytics. In the Asset Lab, participants will develop a process and procedure for equitable online facilitation.